Lovely Meditation Session led by Bhooma Krishnan


Meditation Group at Bhooma Krishnan's(Standing 4th from Left) Residence on the evening of Wednesday,November 20,2013

Had a wonderful Meditation Session at Bhooma Krishnan’s Residence this evening ~ grateful for Friend Keshav Harlalka insisting I must attend as she is great at leading a Meditation Session and this would be her last session in Mumbai  as I learnt she moves Residence  to Bangalore after her Husband’s Two Year Mumbai stint

After my recent Heart Issue,Deep Breathing and Meditation has to become a regular part of my Daily Routine and this is why I said “Yes” to Keshav that I would come along this evening

I fully concur with Keshav that Bhooma does lead a Meditation Session rather well

We were  just 14 of us including the adorable Cirius Black~ a Seven Year old cross breed between a Boxer and a Cocker Spaniel !

Bhooma led the Meditation beautifully for an hour guiding us to visualise our Soul Star a foot above our Head and an Octahedron Star in the middle of our Forehead and focus with strength on it as we absorb Energies from Both Directions :

  • Visualise that there is a Tube within us goes deep down into Mother Earth through which we take in the Energy through our Toes upward through our various Chakras and  right upto our Soul Star through the Octahedron
  • Feel and absorb the Energy from the Sun down through our Soul Star and Octahedron Star and down into Mother Earth through our Throat,Heart and Solar Plexus and Toes

Then to feel simultaneously Energies from both Directions converging into our Octahedron Star and emitting these out through it as pulse lights

She showed us how to feel that Blossoming Flower in our Heart ~ Normally my favourite is the Sunflower but this evening I felt the fragrance and the blossom of a beautiful Pink Rose in my Heart ! ~ and how the Divine Blessings Flow through our Namaste and how we pass on this to each and every one of our Loved ones without judgement or criticism ~ just unconditional love and energy and Divine Blessings being passed on

She guided us to exhale all our negatives out and inhale positive Energies and feel them flow through every pore and part of our body

I felt relaxed and was breathing well although felt a pressure pull in the middle of my Forehead where I was visualising my Octahedron Star ~ I instantly recalled years ago when my Wife, fresh from Reiki Training, had actually opened out my ‘Chakras’ beautifully and I was in a state of  ecstacy and tranquility and balance at the same time

We ended the Session with 21 chants of the Gayatri mantra and three Chants of the Sai mantra

I then gifted Bhooma a Box of Almond Rock Chocolates ~ these are made by my Wife under her Brand of ‘Nags Chocs’ ~ and Bhooma in a spontaneous and gracious gesture opened it and passed it around to all and complimented that the Chocolate was really good,stating that she had planned to get some Mithai but had not been able to do so for this last session and see how these Chocolates simply came and made up ! read more