Mahatma Gandhi ~ We Love you Bapu !

Gandhiji's Quote on Humanity

Dear Bapu,

We Love you and Need you Now more than Ever !

Incredibly through AHIMSA you successfully challenged the British to Quit India and our great nation became Free !

How do we successfully challenge these Domestic Demoralising ,Devastating ,Destructing,Disillusioning Demons of Corruption!

You fought for the Harijans and the Downtrodden and against Untouchability ~ but those who govern us have not left a single element untouched to corrupt ! ~ Air has been corrupted by the 2G Spectrum Scam ~ Earth has been raped by Coalgate Scam ~ Water has been evaporated by the Irrigation Scam ~Fire has been tainted by Defence Scams !

You tell us not to lose faith in Humanity! ~ We have not ! though even the United Nations are as un-united as never before ! and therefore helpless to really make a difference and prevent the crimes against humanity being committed in all continents even as this post is being expressed ~ Men,Women & Children are being killed senselessly that we are in grave danger of losing our senses !

You tell us that an Eye for an Eye will only make the whole World Go Blind ~ We can See this !

You tell us that we can be judged by how we treat our Animals ! ~ But what when Humans become Animals !

You tell us that we must be the Change we want to see ! ~ It’s Happening Bapu though frustratingly slow and I hope I live to see it  !

You tell us that first they ignore you,then they laugh at you,then they fight you and then you win! ~ We shall Win Bapu so that future generations enjoy the shade of the trees that we are planting now !

You tell us that True Happiness is when what we think,what we say and what we do are in Harmony~though we seem to be living in a state of perpetual chaos,we are moving towards being in sync on this!

You tell us that Non Violence is an indestructible creed and we must remain Non violent even when there is Violence all around us

~ Very Difficult Bapu! ~ often we feel the only way to rid evil is to get a ‘Shahenshah’  (Amitabh Bacchan Movie) do the job for us !,one way or the other !

You tell us that there is no Higher God than Truth ! ~ We Swear By God that the Truth is Mind Boggling Corruption at the Highest Level! ~ and there are no Gods there Bapu !~ only Shameless & Blatant & Naked Lies and Untruths !

You tell us that the Weak can never Forgive ~ We are Strong Bapu ! for  Suffering has made us so! So should we forgive those who we elected to govern us and who are shamelessly corrupt to the core ! ?

You tell us to Hate the Sin and Love the Sinner !~ So do we Love those who are Corrupt !? read more