Recovery Mission Impossible as Sensex declared Ghost Protocol at 15491!?…Atleast for next week just enjoy the season swaying by singing Christmas Carols rather than risk playing the Swaying Sensex!…Cheers !

What a Weekend I’ve had !…From Real Reeling Sensex Action on Friday to Reel Action on Saturday…From Celebrating a Birth to attending a Prayer Meeting for a Death !  

Mission Impossible ! ? Sensex declared Ghost Protocol !?…revival from 15491 looking distant

Friday,the RBI announced it’s Mid Quarter Monetary Policy Review…The Sensex then began begging in vain for 15000 to stay away from it…it closed 345 points down at 15491 after initially being nearly 200 points up from Thursday closing…Intensifying Global Pressures are weighing down heavily on India too…Of course I believe in Santa Claus !…but if you think he’s going to revive our Sensex,now that’s a fantasy ! 

…moved from Real Reeling Sensex Action to Reel Action…Last Night caught some great Action at the 11.10 pm late night show at PVR ,Phoenix of Tom Cruise’s latest Mission Impossible : The Ghost Protocol…I love Tom Cruise ~ The Firm ,Mission Impossible Series,Top Gun,Cocktail,A Few Good Men,Jerry Maguire and Valkyrie….The Movie and Tom Cruise lived up to the high expectations of spellbinding superb action….left me wondering why SRK & his Ra-1 failed to measure up in our own backyard….also got me wondering if our own Sensex has been declared Ghost Protocol making any Revival from 15491 and in 2012 a Misssion Impossible !

Shared the Joy of Someone Celebrating Birth of his first child…and Death in a related Family reminded me of Mortality

Then this Weekend was gifted some Lovely Chocolates for a Birth and had to attend a Prayer Meeting for a Death !

When I was Eight years old the Movie ‘Safar’ was released with this legendary Kishore Kumar classic song “Zindagi ka Safar,hai yeh kaisa safar,koi samjha nahin,koi janaa nahin !” picturised on another Superstar Acting Legend of yesteryear Rajesh Khanna…..The late Kishore Kumar is my favourite singer and this is one of my all time favorites…Translated it means who has really understood this Journey of Life…heard it over a thousand times !…and will surely hear it over another thousand times between Birth and Death !…don’t worry…it’s just a manner of speaking !..and I’ll continue blogging !…did I hear “Oh ! God!”…stop echoing my Wife’s sentiments !

One of India’s leading Travel Groups’ Promoter just became a Father for the first time…he was blessed with a Boy and personally came across to deliver some lovely Chocolates to share his Joy and celebrate the Birth read more