Mumbai Monsoons & Muthuswamy Lunch !…..Marvelous Mouth Watering Sunday

You’ve not tasted Mumbai if you’ve not tasted Muthuswamy’s South Indian All Vegetarian fare…..

Years ago…more than a decade really,this enterprising South Indian began catering to private parties and Events in Mumbai…his fame spread quickly and for compelling reasons

His variety is spectacular….the ingredients are fresh as is the preparation….some like ‘Dosa’ and ‘Appam’ and ‘Idli’ are churned out at live counters right in front of your eyes……the quality is never compromised…..the accompaniments are fabulous…three to four types of ‘Chutney’…’Rasam’…’Sambhar’

Oh ! he does not run a restaurant…so you want a taste of Muthuswamy,you got to either host a Party yourself where you retain him to cater…he is a bit expensive now…. or scout around for great value for money Club and Private Events to be invited to where he does 

….I remember several years ago at a Sunday Pool Party with Kids & Friends , and when Muthuswamy was building up his reputation,he personally took out the ‘Appam’, I had served myself, from my Plate….“Sir, not Good not to eat Hot !” …and promptly prepared a Fresh Hot ‘Appam’…instantly we connected and he had got a new ‘Fan’ who was much younger and more handsome then and who also was thoroughly enjoying the food fare in his swimming trunks ! 

His ‘bisibele’  is the best I’ve tasted…and today I had just two helpings of it !

…and this Wet Sunday….yes! the South West Monsoon has hit Mumbai a few days earlier than expected….Muthuswamy recreated his Magic once again  at the Club with the Rains pouring down on the Lawns and the Golf Course creating a visually soothing and lovely setting just like the English Countryside….. 

….our Club was hosting this Muthuswamy Lunch,like it does every first Sunday of the Month for a few years now….and while we have tasted his fare several times before elsewhere we have never patronised it at the Club till today….it is always in demand and is always a full house in the airconditioned Dining Room…..with tables being reserved several days in advance……..we had therefore booked early and had requested for our choice of table,which was graciously given…..the Buffet is laid out in the Open Air Patio while the seating is in the Dining Room alongside….this opens out to the lawns and the Golf Course….  read more