Caught the Promoters of Ras Extrusion and Ras KMK Lamipack excitedly cheering the Mumbai Indians in their IPL Match last Night…revived some sour memories

It’s Voting Day here in Mumbai today for the General Elections…so yesterday was a Dry Night and we were with Friends at the Club Pub !…. on a Dry Night !?…Believe me it was really nice to enjoy the Privacy of the near empty Pub and chill out on Ice Tea and a close IPL Cricket Match that involved the Mumbai Indians

What a Choker ! Tendulkar’s Mumbai Indians lost by just 3 runs to Yuvraj’s Kings XI,Punjab…They had to score 120 to win and they just gasped and choked at the end

Mumbai India’s owner,Neeta Ambani was in a serious and pensive mood…in sharp and stark contrast to the hyper and excited Preity Zinta…So Near and Yet so far ! Mrs Ambani !?….Your auction choice of Duminy to prop up the batting was an excellent decision…He scored 50 and nearly won you the match…7 needed and he hoisted,what we thought would go on for a six,only to be caught right on the fence at mid wicket !…If it would have been a six it would have tied the game with two balls to go !

And Yes ! Hi ! Kajis…caught your intensity and excitement in the Ambani Camp at the Stadium……..I yet hold your Ras Extrusion Shares….Is your Company still quoted !? Rs 1 or Rs 2 perhaps !…Wish you Guys had showed the same intensity and excitement in running your companies !…Thankfully I sold out years ago from your flagship,Ras KMK Lamipack…Remember Samir Kaji! how you alloted lock in shares to my clients and to me Pre IPO,despite contrary promises made to a friend….And you stuck me with a five year lock in! ,while thankfully clients had just a three year lock in !…..I believed you would make amends by running your companies successfully….But your companies ran aground !……It was a Hope that was belied…I had to honestly apologise to my clients for this locked in placement…Had forgotten all about you…but last night revived some sour memories.