Mumbai Terrorist Seige : How even the Mainstream Indian TV Media Lost it’s Marbles !

Oh Yes !,Thanks to the 24/7 Live and Deferred and Repeated Coverage by over 40 News Channels TV , we were transported to hostage situations at the Taj,the Oberoi and Trident and to the Chabad House in Colaba to live the Horrors of the Terrorist Seige last Week in Mumbai in our Living Rooms !

But the Channel Anchors repeatedly boasted,yet are, of them being the first to Break News and that their Journalists,at great risk to their Lives were covering the Seige from close range and several angles

But my wife and I were dumbfounded and livid and even scared,when even Mainstream News Channels Like NDTV,Times Now and IBN 7 threw caution and commonsense to the Winds in some of their Coverage 

Celebrity TV Anchors like Barkha Dutt,Managing Editor of ‘NDTV’ and Arnab Goswami of ‘Times Now’ came across as dangerously careless when they conveyed the positions of many ‘Hostages of Circumstances ‘  while the Seige was going on….They are open to being sued for malpractice (careless behaviour by a professional) and manslaughter (killing someone without meaning to do so)   

Have a Look at these Instances :


He managed to get through to the Mobile of Mr Krishnadas,MP, at the Taj while the seige was on….This was a snatch of the madness that was relayed live on Times Now

Arnab Goswami :” Where are you right Now ! ? “

Mr Krishnadas : “I’m on the First Floor alongwith 200 people ! “

This was a Mad,Situation Insensitive,Dangerous Question and the MP should have replied ” In Hell !” and slammed the phone 

In another Instance,a Times Now Journalist is relaying back to Arnab that there are people holed up in the Regal Room at the Taj…Arnab had realised his earlier foolishness and quickly interrupts…but the damage was done


Barkha Dutt let’s through a relay where a Husband is disclosing the last hiding position of his Wife…She even counters a General’s wise and deliberate contention that there were probably no more people held as hostage in the Oberoi and Trident by calling up the Oberoi Head who holds out the possibility of atleast a 100 people yet hostage to the situation

Barkha Dutt has been conferred the Padma Shri by our Government…Wonder what will they now confer on her !…She has been widely criticised for her coverage of the Kargil War,where she has been accused by no less than the Indian Navy Chief,Admiral Sureesh Mehta, for the death of three soldiers in the Kargil conflict…her coverage compromised operational details and locations of our soldiers read more