Nephew Arzan Climbs Aconcagua in Argentina ~ Highest Peak in the World outside Asia ~ near 7000 m or over 22000 feet !

Congratulations to nephew Arzan, Wharton MBA Class of 2013 for simply attempting to climb Aconcagua in Argentina ~the Highest peak in the Western Hemisphere and outside Asia at 6962 m or over 22000 feet ~ many have died in the attempt over the years

They had to turn back just 400 m from the summit for multiple reasons but it was an experience that as Arzan put it

“we spent around 13 days in total climbing and coming back. We were 7 of us in the group and 3 of us made it within 400m of the summit before turning back at 6500m on the final day. The air is very thin at that altitude and every step would take a lot of effort ~¬†and yes Gaurav,¬†definitely changes perspective in more ways than one in answer to your question¬†“Does your perspective on worldly matters change up there Arzan ?”

So now Arzan, you’ve run the New Zealand Marathon, climbed high Mountains, finished CPA, CISA , schooling in Bahrain and Dubai, colleging in US and soon a Wharton MBA, stints at E & Y in NZ, Chicago and Mumbai and now with Deutche Bank in the US ~ hooked but yet to marry!

You’re living life on your terms ! ~ what next !? ~ you’ve run the Roads horizontally, climbed the Mountains vertically so can we expect you now dive below into the High Seas to great depths ! ~ then we can really tag you Adventure Junkie Arzan !

…and you have graciously left Space to be conquered by your brother Kaizad who is crazy from childhood about Space and NASA and is currently pursuing his dream at Purdue

So between you two Raimalwala Brothers you will have conquered the Earth, Space and Seas !

Cheers ! ~ Keep Moving !