Tennis Coach,Nick Bollettieri asserts you have to be Mean to be a good Competitor…I don’t agree !

Says World Celebrity Tennis Coach, American Nick Bollettieri about Indian Tennis Kids who attended his Academy

” I remember that the kids who came here were too nice.The trend in your country is to be very polite.But sometimes you also have to be mean to be a good competitor.This is not easy for Indians ” 

Hey,Nick !I completely disagree….to be Mean is Mean !…you don’t need to be Mean to be a Good Competitor…Maybe It’s the US System…End justifying the Means ! ( Pun unintended !)

Is the Champ ,Roger Federer, Mean !?

And if you’re going to be Mean to win matches,you’re going to be more remembered for being Mean !

Killer Instinct ! Yes!…Fight Back Spirit ! Yes!…Never Say Die Attitude ! Yes!…but Mean ! No !

So Nick ! are you going to call me another Polite Indian !?