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Afridi Powers Pakistan to it’s second consecutive T-20 Cricket World Cup Final

Just witnessed a Semi-Final where Professionals lost out to the Passionates !

What a Win !…A few minutes ago Pakistan shocked favourites South Africa in the semi final of the ICC Cricket T-20 World Cup…They will now feature in the Finals at Lords on Sunday…their second consecutive Final in Two World Cups

Pakistan won the toss and Younus Khan elected to Bat….Fearlessly  Aggressive from the first Over itself,Pakistan posted 149-4 with one down Afridi powering a superb 51 in 34 balls…he hit Spinner, Botha for four consecutive Fours in one over…It was the 11th Over of the Innings and went for 18 runs and that was a clinching over on hindsight

The way Pakistan was batting with opener Kamran scoring a brisk 23 in 13 balls and Afridi firing all guns,a score of 170 looked on the cards…both threw their wickets  miscuing Lofted shots…and South African bowlers came back and in the last 5 overs merely 29 runs were scored

Surprising Umer Gul came in only in the 13th Over and infact did not complete his quota of 4 overs…But Afridi bowled brilliantly taking 2 for 16 in his 4 overs…To my mind this was the turning point of the match…he bowled,both the star and in form and match winner potential batsmen,Gibbs and De Villeirs…Then Umer Gul bowled a fantastic 17th over…gave just six runs…Abe Morkel,the hard hitting South African Batsman,came in just too late with just a few overs left…that’s because Duminy and Kallis were just not getting out and run a ball was not enough !

Losing by just 7 runs looks close…but Pakistan was always on top with Kallis’ 64 of 54 going in vain as South Africa scored 142-5 

Man of the Match.Afridi revealed that he had asked the captain and coach to let him Open the Batting or go One down and they kept their faith in him

This Win  is more than just Sunshine for Pakistan…The country needed this inspiring and uplifting win….. Pakistan as a country is experiencing a lot of turmoil and no Cricketing Nation is willing to play on it’s shores after the Terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan Team….  even the ICC has ruled that no 50 Overs World Cup Game will be played in Pakistan when it is held in the sub continent

In the inaugural T-20 World Cup in 2007 in South Africa,India lifted the Trophy by beating Pakistan in a pulsating Final….Pakistan played inspired cricket today to earn a second chance now to Lift the Trophy read more

Pakistan on the verge of defaulting on Servicing it’s Foreign Debt

Pakistan needs an urgent inflow of US $ 4.5 billion to stave off defaulting on it’s foreign debt committments… It’s current reserves of US 6 billion are enough to just service imports for the next month and a half

It’s really quite amusing to note the Full Name of one of Pakistan’s Stock Exchanges… Islamabad Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Ltd… What Guarantee ?

The stock markets have collapsed in Pakistan and on more than one instance the Police and Paramilitary Forces have had to form a ring around the Karachi Stock Exchange to protect the Property as Investors lost heavily and resorted to stoning the Exchange and raising anti government slogans… Check out my July 19, 2008 Blog on this… For quick access to this July 19 blog you can use the Calender on the right or type Karachi Stock Exchange in the Search Feature of this Blog   

China,Saudi Arabia and USA , It’s financial supporters in the past,have all refused to lend to Pakistan

Pakistan’s only remaining hope is the International Monetary Fund (IMF)… frantic parlays are going on

If you recall in 1991, India too was down to just US $ 1.7 billion Fx Reserves that could pay for just a precarious seventeen days of imports at the time. Our PM, Dr Manmohan Singh, was our FM at the time and initiated reforms that began opening out India…. Even Inward Remittances Schemes were launched, with no questions asked to both Donors and Donees to attract black monies into the official system…..  our reserves today are a healthy US $ 275 billion… Then again our PM in the early nineties, late Mr Chandrasekhar, had pledged our Gold to borrow so we do not default on International Sovereign debt committments 

Tough Times call for Tough Measures… Perhaps it’s a great idea to extend our hand of friendship yet again to Pakistan and lend them our PM, Dr Manmohan Singh to advise them on how to move forward on this ! 

What a thought !

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