Raghu Rai…A Extraordinary Mind applied to a Camera Lens

Meet RAGHU RAI, whose Lens have frozen timeless moments to create mindboggling Photography…He recently showcased some of his Photographs at the Arles Photography Festival in France

Mumbai Mirror caught up with him on his return….. Meet him through these Gems Extracted from his coverage in today’s edition…What a Vision !..Great Questions answered with Great Insight

On whether he has a basic outline of the photograph in his mind when going to the Location

No,Preconceived Notions is exactly what goes against creativity for me.Most of us travel to a destination with programmed minds with all the data inside them.So what we capture is only what suits us.No journey is worth it if the explorer in you doesn’t rise”

On what decides whether People or Landscapes should be the focal point of the Photograph 

” People are always placed in landscapes that surround them.They do not exist in isolation.For me a picture doesn’t have to tell a story.It is the magic of one Frozen Moment”

On ‘Perfect Light’ and returning to a Location for it

“There is no such thing as “Perfect Light” for me.But yes ,if a situation tickles me I just have to go back to it.No matter what.Kanyakumari is one place I’ve frequented….I clicked a panoramic picture there of a large group of people…..there was humour…there was fun…there was space…experience was indefinable”

On anyone objecting to be photographed by you

“Oh! people object all the time ! but the trick is to catch them when they are not aware of it,that’s all “

On Rejecting your Photographs

“Eighty Percent of the Images I click are useless…you must never get attached to what you’re clicking.There has to be an “other” objective person within you at all times”

On how careful are you with Equipment in different Climate conditions 

“I’m very careless.If I have to seize the moment on camera I never think twice before running out in the rain or in the middle of a storm.Normally I’m very simple and end up carrying just one zoom lens alongwith the camera body.You cannot afford to alarm people by landing up with four bags”

On the role of colour in your works

“Unlike the Painter who can paint the sky,green or purple and not be questioned about it,we photographers capture reality.In any situation,each colour has a physical appearance as well as an emotional appeal which you cannot change.At times a black-and-white filter silences the noise of Colour” read more