Sensex up 376 Points at 20445….Pre Diwali Fireworks fuelled by Coal and Wholesale Buying by FIIs….. while we Retail Indians await Diwali !

Sensex continues to seduce….is up 376 points today at 20445…Pre Diwali Fireworks fuelled by Coal perhaps !….a not so subtle reference to the Mega IPO of Coal India that opens on October 18….sentiment has to be kept sizzling

….and FIIs have already started celebrating Diwali a month or two early by intensifying wholesale buying of ‘Phatakas’ (stocks) and torching the Sensex past 20000 !…..while we Retail Indians yet await Diwali

….just think the Indian Sensex Torch has been carried by the FIIs in the relay past 20000…while most Indians have hardly participated in the Run and have just been cynical and wary spectators!….we are allowing the FIIs to ‘carpetbag’ us !

….hope you guys have got into IDBI Bank (blogged a few days ago)…it’s up smartly to Rs 158 today….and yes,IFCI too has surged past Rs 66 today

…..last Diwali I had  given just Two Safe Buys…to play a Safe Diwali…Larsen & Toubro and Gold…Both have been shining throught the year …Wonder what I’ll give this Diwali !

Cheers !