Ratan Tata ~ An Amusing Tuesday Tale ~ Who is he ? asked one who should know !

It was a Warm beginning yesterday ,Tuesday March 3,2015 with a smiling & pensive Ratan Tata as @ ten of us awaited the Lift ~ all respectfully made way for him ~ I took the next one and thus witnessed an amusing conversation between a guy from RTI who cater to Tata Offices and Tata’s Driver ~ “Who’s he? asked the RTI guy who later said he had completed 10 years in RTI and the Driver taunted and all smiled ! ” You’ve worked 10 years in RTI and don’t know this man!.Even in America every child born by the time he or she turns 5 knows who Ratan Tata is !” ~ Wow ! ~ speaks volumes for Ratan Tata ~ he commands respect even without having to take centre stage or tom tom his presence like so many not even half his stature do !