Richard Branson’s ‘Screw Business As Usual’ is fairly interesting but not as racy and peppy as his earlier books

Richard Branson’s  “Screw Business As Usual” ~ Is written in first person in his signature racy style ~ yet found it not as racy and peppy as his earlier books ~ more an encouraging pat for many he believes are making a difference to Planet Earth and the Species,including Humans,on it  and for some a clear ‘plug’

Many of those who read it may view it more like a Compilation Endeavour of Social,Economic and Environmental Issues that dog our World and how these are being tackled by enterprising and concerned Individuals and Entities,including Branson and his Virgin Group

One of his earlier efforts ” Screw It,Let’s Do It” changed my view of Richard Branson ~ in fact it charged me up as there were a host of situational similarities I saw between Branson and me ~ for instance both of us have cheated Death more than once ! ~ the only difference is that his adventures over the Ocean &  in the Air were out of Choice and mine out of Chance in Bomb Blasts,Sahara Desert and in a Road Accident !

In the Preface itself of “Screw Business As Usual” one gets a sense of what the Book is all about ~ “It’s at moments like these one realises how unimportant ‘stuff ‘  is” says Branson when he along with Family & Friends that included Kate Winslet of ‘Titanic’ fame ,watch as the House on his Necker Island was reduced to ashes in a fire caused by lightening that struck the Balinese Roof ~ Yet the Positive Energy radiates ~”The future is still ours to hold and share”  says Branson as he rallies all to come around and have breakfast and pitch in with ideas and discuss how to rebuild the House

The Book is all about exploring this next great frontier where the boundaries between work and higher purpose are merging into one,where doing good really is good for business

It’s a Long Read ~ 372 Pages,not counting the 12 pages that include the Preface ~ Seven Chapters that begin with Capitalism 24902 and ends with Power of Communities

The Essence is to turn typical corporate business culture and philanthropy on it’s head,and move away from just the ‘golden cheque’ philosophy to leveraging everything in the business to drive change ~ Capitalism 24902 conveys that every single person on earth is responsible for taking care of the 24902 circumference miles of our planet  ~ it’s not just ‘doing good’ but it’s ‘doing better’ and having fun along the way read more