Mumbai’s Marine Drive,Sea & Chowpatty Beach ~ Rain Swept this early July morning

It’s been pouring incessantly right through the night and yet is this early morning ~ Not torrential but quite heavy ¬†and these are some soothing visuals of Mumbai’s Marine Drive and Sea and Chowpatty Beach at 6.45 am this morning

Ah! now for that lemon grass and ginger and ‘phudina’ hot ‘kadak’ Tea ! ~ Someone send me some Hot Idlis and Sambhar please !

Have a Terrific Thursday ~ Cheers

Marine Drive Sea with a faint Malabar Hill Skyline across one early Rain Swept July morning in Mumbai
Rain swept Chowpatty Beach in South Mumbai one early July morning in 2012
Rain Cleansing Mumbai's Marine Drive early July morning
Chowpatty Beach ~ one early July morning in the Mumbai Monsoon