Mad ! Mad ! Mad ! Monday…Markets hit Upper Circuits again…Trading halted for the Day !

At 11.55 am,The BSE and NSE reopened after a two hour cooling period after hitting circuits on opening at 9.55 am

I’m not even in Mumbai…in Ahmedabad and feeling the Heat in more ways than One !

At 11.55 am the Sensex hit it’s second Upper Circuit at 14272.63,up 2099.21 points from Friday’s closing….up 17.24%

The Nifty hit 4308.05,up 636.40 from Friday…up 17.33%

As is the Policy ,the Markets have been now halted for Trading for the Day…This is unprecedented in our Market History

In seconds the Volumes had hit Rs 3000 crs…..My Heart goes out to all of those who had shorted the Nifty or  stocks in Futures…They have not yet been able to cover and are facing massive losses and therefore serious margin issues…They may need to sell part of their portfolios to pay off brokers…Short Sellers have been Shorted !..and How !

Tomorrow Sell at these Strong Sensex Levels….15000 +?…so quick…so soon…so much of euphoria !…it’s like the Markets were drying with the drought of 2008 and had began to recover…now the recovery is with such wet vengence on election results and  with the onset of monsoons now !…There is a GOD above…..but he’s now beginning to tell us to “Sell” !