South and Central Mumbai Bomb Blasts…Wednesday evening July 13 2011…..Terrorists are Cowards without any Conscience

Terrorists are Cowards without any Conscience…..cannot be part of the Human race for sure ….they may have a cause but their inhuman terrorist acts simply do not justify their cause…for that matter any cause 

Why I’m pained to Blog this….memories of 1993 came flooding back yesterday

I blog this from Personal first Hand Experience of having survived Mumbai’s most horrific chain of Bomb Blasts on Friday,March 12,1993…it was just approaching 1.30 pm on that fateful day and I was seated in a brokers office on the fourth floor of the new Stock Exchange Building Rotunda then…suddenly heard a huge blast and window panes shatterings and falling down from above…..thought it was a cylinder burst….within seconds there was pandemonium outside in the fairly narrow passage…stepped out to see hundreds of people running helter skelter in both directions and a stampede was clearing developing….On cue I took control and yelled out in Gujarati and Hindi at the top of my voice for all to calm down and move in one direction only towards the open terrace area on Floor Three….the Lifts had stopped and smoke was bellowing out from the shafts…we used the staircase to reach the third floor…..but there was no way we could proceed further to the ground floor through the stairs as smoke was billowing up strongly and suffocating us … we quickly moved across the open terrace and propped a chair on top of another and one by one jumped into the old tall BSE Building Jeejeebhoy Towers….from there we literally ran down the spiral staircase to the Ground Floor that opened out to Dalal Street itself and while escaping were witness to the whirring horrific scenes of mutilated bodies ….we moved to a adjacent street to a brokers office…..seemed a lifetime,but it was just a matter of a few minutes we had made this escape…we were around 20 of us huddled around in that office…Land Lines had crashed…later we came to know they were deliberately switched off so as to not spread rumours…… there were no mobiles then……I spoke my fears out loud that there could be another blast and this was not a safe place….so we all rushed to my office at RNA House,opposite Akbarallys Departmental Store at Fountain…..While doing so we heard another Blast…we learnt later it was at the Air India Building…..11 other blasts took place in quick succession all over Mumbai…a total of 13 Blasts…..My Family…Parents,Wife and my four year old son….daughter was born later….and Friends had already heard and were in tears as they had no contact with me and they knew I was in the BSE Building…..It was late night when we left for home….it was a homecoming that was simply overwhelming….one more important detail…the bomb in the BSE actually was placed in the Basement garage where only Brokers and top BSE Officals were allowed Car parking…I was an exception as I was a BSE Training Visiting Faculty and so courtesy was extended to me to park here when I gave my sessions….The Bomb was actually placed under one of our broker associate’s car….the same broker in whose market office I was seated……the main office was at Nariman Point and the Broker or his reps came down everyday for  a few hours to the BSE for trading….yes,the ring was operational at the time and trades were open cry…..his Driver normally had his Lunch in the Car…but see his divine fortune….on this fateful day,he had returned to Nariman Point to return  the Soft Drinks empty Bottles Crates to the Shop and was told to stay at Nariman Point office for the day…God’s great mercy really…..but not for the 257 people who lost their lives and over 700 that were injured….BSE resumed Business on Monday itself,the next trading Day to send a strong message to the Perpetrators that the Mumbai Spirit could not be destroyed…Thousands volunteered Blood and Food and Water and even Transport to those stranded…the injured were whisked away to hospitals nearby by the common man……It was an emotional and heart warming time for all of us….we were able to find out who were behind this cowardly act….many fled Mumbai for overseas….aided by influential people….many were caught and tried and convicted and are serving sentences…but the mastermind Don,Dawood Ebrahim, sits cozy overseas in a gaurded and protected environment….and the sad irony is that Politicians,Bureaucrats,Businessmen,Builders,Celebrities,Police Forces…..all have access to him…but our attempts to get him back to India to face the court have been weak and halfhearted at best      read more