Commonwealth Games…JN Stadium is awesome…but Games Organisation is short of awful

…..Just returned from New Delhi last night after celebrating daughter’s birthday with her Team India u 16 Womens Football Mates and seeing them off to Jordan last night for the Asian Qualifiers for the FIFA u 17 Womens World Cup

….son and I were keen to see some Commonwealth Games Action…on October 6th evening we had driven down to Siri Fort Sports Complex to catch some Squash and Badminton….the servers were down…so while the Games were on inside the Stadium,we were out waiting for half an hour for the servers to come back on to buy tickets ….we decided to buy for the next day as we had to rush back to Team India Dinner and daughters birthday celebrations…we also picked up Rs 200 tickets for October 7th evening session for the Athletics at the Jawarharlal Nehru Stadium…..

…..yesterday we were again unable to catch Siri Fort action for Squash and Badminton as we were with my daughter till she left for the airport late afternoon 4.30 pm……we had an evening flight ourselves at 7.45 pm to catch for Mumbai….but where there is a will there is a way and we held tickets….so we rushed to JN Stadium…..heavy traffic as you approach it as we could not use the demarcated  CWG Lane on our road which is meant only for VVIPs,Athletes and Organisers….had to alight and walk over one km to reach Gate 14 to enter JN Stadium….the line for tickets was huge…thankfully we had ours already…..two level security with hitech cameras and scanners…no coins allowed….special boxes kept for them…compulsory donation…..we raced in eager to see the Stadium from inside and also buy some Games Souvenirs …..None were available anywhere !….all tents that were put up for these were either closed or empty !…Volunteers were themselves deploring Organisers for their lack of management and foresight to rake in rich revenues from such sale…No Caps…No T Shirts…not even a Flag or a small keychain !….son was terribly disappointed

….however the inside of the Stadium is awesome….Live TV can never replicate or capture the Live Aura and Live Buzz of a Lively Stadium…..even though the stadium was not full the buzz was infectious…..we had to leave soon to catch our flight…..we were impressed….but were told my a spectator who had attended the Opening Ceremony that the Crowd Managment outside was disastrous then…Rs 50000 Ticket Holders were in the same Q as those holding the minimum Rs 1000 tickets….Children and Women were being trampled and pushed and it took Two and a Half hours to just get in !….the Organising was simply awful….when I told this to a Delhi Friend,she said “Yeh hee Delhi hai meri jaan !”….Most of Delhi is least bothered about these Games…they have been poorly planned,poorly managed and poorly marketed….even the Airport had no Commonwealth Games Booth for Information or Merchandise Sales….The Flags and Banners on some routes were valiantly trying to spread some CWG Cheer and Spirit…..Tourists from overseas were spotted few and far between….one would have expected they would swamp New Delhi for these Games…..clearly seems the huge and sustained anti Games Organising media hype the past few months has been successful in keeping some top athletes from participating at these Games as well as overseas visitors   read more