Some Saturday Morning Shots…..of Strikes and Statues…..Austerity Measures and IPOs

Amusing or not so…you decide…….some Saturday morning shots….

  • Jet Airways Pilots Strike enters the fifth day…and I see  a Business Standard ad (Page 16) of Jet2Kerala with a tag line ‘Your dream holiday can now touch down’…Problem is you yet cannot take off !…Jet Airways has teamed up with Kerala Tourism to help you land the best holiday deals to God’s Own Country 
  • Listed Mumbai based Real Estate and Housing company HDIL raided  by over 100 Income Tax Officers and Rs 350 crs revealed as undisclosed Income…..Ashok Chavan,Maharashtra’s CM defends the contoversial Rs 350 crs plan to errect a statue of Shivaji in Mumbai Seas…Not considering Ecological and Marine Objections,if this is passed,maybe they should get HDIL to fund it !
  • While on Statues,the Supreme Court finally directs the UP CM,Mayawati to stop errecting her own statues…it’s costing the State Exchequer Hundreds of Crs….I can think of only Saddam Hussein who had his own statues errected while alive…possibly their argument is that they cannot errect their statues after they die !…and possibly they fear no one else may !
  • On the controversy of whether Members of Parliament should continue getting the privilege of flying Business Class in these drought times where austerity must not only be symbolic,the Congress Spokesman,MP Manish Tiwari,who’s all over the Channels, proclaims he’s willing to even travel in the Cargo !…I think we should allow him !
  • While on Austerity Measures, was not amused to hear of our two Ministers of External Affairs,Krishna (Senior) and Tharoor(Junior),living in Five Star Suite Luxury for the past three months,because their Official Houses were not ready…It’s no justification even if they’re spending from their own pockets,as they state…They don’t see the point ! even if it was for free,these Elected and Nominated Leaders in Public Life send out the wrong signals in these tight times to our Citizens
  • An amusing observation on Recent IPOs in 2009…Edserve Softsys was just about subscribed but has given near 100% gains…was it’s IPO underpriced or is a good fundamental play not spotted at the IPO Pricing or is this latest price manipulated ?..Others seems to have been fully or overpriced…Contrarion Thinking would suggest you investigate Rishabdev and Raj Oil…they have fallen off a lot from IPO Price…are they now worth Investing in !?…Like I had opined earlier for NHPC…not at Rs 36,but at Rs 25 !
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