Straight from My Fresh Leased Heart on this The World Heart Day

Just recovering from a Cardio Vascular Affliction and have just turned 51 ~ so I speak straight from a fresh leased Heart !

At the very beginning let me thank God and My Wife and Children in particular ~ they are my Lifelines ~ they simply took over to nurturing me back to health with a strength and devotion that was simply awesome ~ they are my Inspiration ~ and of course the hundreds of Family and Friends and Associates and Clients and Staff and Blog Readers who sincerely prayed for me

Today is Sunday and it’s The World Heart Day~ Many Sunday Dailies have printed some brilliant articles on the Heart and how to Prevent Cardio Vascular Disease and how to spot you could be vulnerable to one…and what is the right food to a healthy heart…..Read today’s Edition of Times of India and it’s Special Supplement…providing you a few links too below

Ten Commandments for a healthy heart

Lifestyle adjustments keep heart diseases at bay

Our Sedentary Lifestyles,eating out often  and quite often junk food,sleeping late at night and not getting adequate sleep  ~ all lead to to Obesity,Diabetes  and High Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Just follow with Discipline these Four Points on this Checklist to have a healthy Heart and reduce risk of  any Heart related Disease

  1. A Healthy Diet ~ Walnuts,Orange,Green Vegetables,Black Beans,Skimmed Milk,Extra Virgin Oil….check with a good dietician for a balanced diet ~ Red Wine too taken moderately is good for the heart
  2. Daily Exercise ~ Walking is the simplest prescribed ~ begin with 10 minutes and go upto 30 minutes a day atleast ~ you don’t have to go for a strenous or vigorous gym work out
  3. No Smoking ~ Smoking  has been a major reason for inviting Health Problems ~ even Passive Smoking is a Killer
  4. Annual Comprehensive Health Check Up  ~ Absolutely Imperative even if you feel healthy ~ I neglected this for years and am paying the price for this
My Recent Health Ordeal of the Heart

I am passionate about my line of Work in Researching and advising and training on Indian Equities and commenting on the Economy and the Implications of Policies and Statistics~ Like Mad Scientists ,when I’m in Momentum I do not even look at the Watch or Clock and research and blog often till wee hours of the Morning ~ I’m also a Foodie ~ A Vegetarian ~ I don’t Smoke except an occasional Cigar once in six months ~ Am Fond of Beer and Whisky  and indulge in them moderately ~Oh ! and I’m crazy about Chocolates & Pastries ! ~ you may find it difficult to believe that I was very active in all Sports in my School,College and early Career Years and even Captained Many Sports teams ~ Cricket and Football were my favourites

Then in the early 1990s I began devoting all my Time and Energies and Passion to building up my Career and Business ~ never took long Holidays ~ just infrequent weekend breaks ~ worked all night in the office on many occasions ~ enjoyed various veg cuisines while out entertaining Clients ~ always asked for more butter on my toast and extra cheese on my Pizza and ghee in my dal and rice ! ~ love Italian ~ Pizzas with extra Cheese and Olives and Pastas and Risotto and Ravioli and Lasagna ~ Love Chinese ~ Love Continental ~ Adore a Gujarati Thali ~ Love Punjabi ~ Love South Indian ~ Love Junk Food …..what Food Cuisine do I not Love ! read more