Kingfisher Airlines digging it’s own grave…. Mr Mallya, when you are in a Hole stop digging!

Mallya deserves the nasty tweets that are doing the rounds

  • Naresh Goyal of Jet and Mallya of Kingfisher Airlines should merge… their new Airline would be called GOL-MALL AIRLINES !….. GOyaL combines with MALLya
  • What’s the Difference between Vijay Mallya and Richard Branson ?… Branson’s Airline is Virgin while Mallya’s is F____d !
  • Mallya was to fly to New Delhi to explain to the Prime Minister about KFA woes but his flight got cancelled !

Kingfisher Airlines Bank Accounts have been frozen and All across India KFA Flights have been cancelled leaving passengers furiously stranded

Have been watching the heated arguments on this on  Arnab Goswami’s Times Now Debate on Why should the Government bail out Kingfisher…. and was getting increasingly furious at ad man and man around town, Suhel Seth and head of a leading Travel Agency, Ashwini Kacker aggressive monologues defending Mallya… these filibustering ‘I know it all’ egotists, who think only their View is the Only View, kept arguing, actually yelling aggressively…. Kacker used the term ‘bloody’ more than once when he argued that Mallya had pledged his ‘bloody’assets and even his ‘bloody’ life !…. I seriously doubt he has pledged all he has… Remember my tagline for this Blog… Companies may go sick but Promoters rarely do !… and if I recall correctly, a Fixed Deposit Ad by his United Group Company showed him as  Director with a USA Address… Suhel Seth said that the Bank will have to be patient as thousands of crs are involved and if the Airline closes down, they stand to lose all they have lend… it is different if they have lent just Rs 100… they will chase the borrower for life for this !… he sounded and makes it out as if it was the banks fault that they lend in the first place  to KFA !… you cannot blame Mallya for this ! says Seth

Arnab, get me on Times Now against condescending Suhel Seth on this issue…when he is championing conscience and morality causes I’m on his wavelength but when he defends the indefensible like this,he is just being turgid !

… And Kacker…Even if Mallya has pledged all, So what !… KFA is a private business and like any business that does not make money, he would be wise to exit, even at a loss rather than bleed all stakeholders to death… simply because I hold the view that he does not have the ability to turn around KFA… I have blogged several times on KFA woes and the dangerous precedent of State Bank of India lending heavily on the Brand Name… I have no personal axe to grind … am a King Club Member too…. and would love for KFA to revive… but for this miracle to happen,Mallya needs to stop digging first and even have the humilty to apologise for the state of affairs… instead his stooges, like Suhel Seth and Ashwini Kacker, simply pass the buck to the Aviation Industry Woes that have engulfed most Airlines…. Wanna bet ! even if he gets funding,Mallya will yet run his Airline to Ground yet again !… he needs to leave his ego aside and exit the sector read more