Tata Global Beverages or Starbucks Coffee Anyone at Rs 150+ !?~Yeah !Starbucks opens it’s first India outlet in South Mumbai on October 20 2012!

Tata Global Beverages Anyone at Rs 150+ !?

Starbucks Coffee Anyone at Rs 150+ !?

Yeah ! Starbucks is opening it’s first India outlet in South Mumbai on October 20, 2012 below my Office  at Horniman Circle,Fort !

Starbucks Below ! I’m above !

Gives all of You  a Starbucks Reason to visit me now !

Just for the record had strongly recommended to Clients,Tata Global Beverages in the Rs 80+ to Rs 100 range in December 2011 and January 2012  as a Portfolio consideration ~ this is another classic illustration of Investor Herd Psychology ~ not many really took heed and advantage as at the time in 2011 the Market Sentiment was yet perceived as dull and flat with bearish undertones despite our saying  a bullish wave is seen to being unleashed for a very short while ~ Now we see huge interest and Volumes from Rs 130+ levels

I think the Price is being build up for the Grand Opening of Starbucks in India for later this month !

I also think that,besides others, all those who missed the superb multibagger run of Jubilant Foodworks and Dominos are now clambering on to Tata Global Beverages and Starbucks  ! ~ Perhaps a Good Reason in itself ! ~ even though current Valuations are being ignored for Potential  Premium and Earnings going forward

Cheers !