TAP GAP Equity Poser 6/11……Which Industrialist and his or her Company will be a huge Wealth Creator in the next Five Years ?

TAP GAP….. Equity Poser 6/11……Respond by June 15,2011

I love you Guys !…Just look at the varied responses…Till just before Midnight Tuesday, June 7,2011,14 of you have responded with 25 choices,adjusting for overlaps but including unlisted Godrej Agrovet…..In absolute terms the Choice with the Lowest Price being Rs 50 Gujarat NRE Coke and the highest being Titan Industries at Rs 4375 !…..Wow !…Imagine Titan being a 5 bagger in 5 Years and crossing Rs 20000 or even a 10 bagger and crossing Rs 40000 !…. I’ve listed the choices in the addenda below for easy reference….Come on Others !…am sure you can inspire many with your Choice and Reasoning for it !…remember respond by Wednesday midnight IST June 15,2011…It’s going to be fun,but tough too, to decide the winner of the gauravblog hamper

Winning Response wins the gauravblog hamper that includes a gauravblog Collared T Shirt above….Six Hampers have already been won in earlier Equity Posers.You can check out the Winners Scroll and their comments after they were delivered the hamper

Equity Poser

Which Industrialist and his or her Company will be a huge Wealth Creator for Shareholders in the next Five Years ,just like Ambanis of Reliance, Murthy & his Group of Infosys and Sunil Mittal of  Bharti Airtel and many others like Matrix Labs and Mercator Lines did for you in the past ?


Addendum 1

Would appreciate if responses are a bit more detailed than just one word or two….preferably with some reasoning and share price targets for the choice…..it would be easier to first prepare your response on a Word document and then copy paste it to the response box on this blog post….Simultaneously,if you wish,you can also  forward it directly to my email [email protected] or [email protected]  

All the best….Amit has responded first with his choice being the Jindal Group…I’m assuming it is Sajjan Jindal and not Naveen Jindal….have asked him to clarify though

And when I state Wealth Creation,I mean Wealth Creation !…..huge multibagger …over 1000% perhaps…..but surely atleast 500% in the next Five Years !….so you can retire early in life !

Cheers !  

Addendum 2

Wow! Really Interesting and Inspiring Response Choices till date Near 6 pm Friday,June 3,2011

Amit….Sajjan Jindal Group : JSW and Saw Pipes

Amit Gupta……Anand Mahindra Group :Mahindra & Mahindra read more