We Need this ‘G’ now more than ever !…Remembering Mahatma Gandhi the Father of our Nation on Gandhi Jayanti

“Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well”….Mahatma Gandhi

We Need this ‘G’ now more than ever !

…remembering ‘Mahatma’…. the Father of our Nation on Gandhi Jayanti…Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

There are many who argue that Gandhiji’s ideals of Ahimsa cannot work in today’s real world of intolerance and strife…. and that his ‘Eye for an Eye will only make the Whole World go Blind’ cry will not be heeded in a  fanatical world

I would simply argue that two Wrongs will never make a Right !

Want to win over others ?… try ‘Gandhigiri’ as brilliantly and humorously and quite inspiringly brought out in the ‘Munnabhai’ Series of Movies

Recollect how four years ago, my daughter won a Prize at the Mahatma Gandhi Inter School Elocution Competition…. She was all of 12 years old then…. She was inspired then to write two short essays in Hindi on ‘Bhrastachar’  (Corruption) and ‘Yeh Joh Desh hai Tera’  (This Nation which is Yours ) which were published in the  School’s Annual Magazine

In the Same Breath I am sad and dismayed at how some of India’s Youth think about Gandhiji… happened to come across last month on a popular online social network a young 20 year old, a friend of a friend’s daughter, spitting venom at Gandhiji in a chat, not bothered at all that it will be read by all connected as a Friend to his Friend!…. This Young Man was born when India’s FM at the Time, Manmohan Singh gave Birth to modern reforms in 1991… so what must have influenced this Youth’s thinking to develop such a ‘hate’ mindset on the father of our nation and who was assassinated four decades before his birth!… in all probability his Parents thinking on this… Sad

The Young Man would do well to remember that the ‘Freedom’ that he is shamelessly misusing to spit his vitrolics and vituperatives on Gandhiji in a Popular online Social Network is a result of a Strong and Sustained Freedom Struggle for an Independent, Secular, Social and Democratic Republic of India by Patriots and Freedom Fighters like the Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi

But of One thing I’m sure… ‘Gandhigiri’ will work on bringing this Young Man around

Cheers !