Wharton India Economic Forum needs to have the Courage of Conviction to take on Wharton itself for having clearly been forced to withdraw keynote speaker Invitation to Gujarat CM Narendra Modi who had already accepted

Wharton India Economic Forum needs to show the Courage to take on Wharton itself for having clearly been forced to withdraw keynote speaker Invitation to Narendra Modi who had already accepted

This Controversy is snowballing into a major one and being perceived by many as an insult to India and  a democratically thrice elected CM

First you Invite knowing truly well how controversial Gujarat CM Narendra Modi is and then you uninvite because he’s controversial !

Let’s not put Wharton on a pedestal ! ~ It’s lost a lot of  halo with this !

Feel sorry for the Indian Students of  WIEF  who I know were really excited that Narendra Modi was to address them by video conferencing ~ I know this because they had requested me to propose and on their behalf approach Captains of Indian Industry and  finance leaders in India to be keynote speakers ~and before you inquire, No! I had not proposed or approached Mr Modi ! ~  clearly their University woke up late on this and have forced them to uninvite Mr Modi ,daresay been influenced by a few too to do so ! ~ if they have the courage of their convictions they should take on Wharton for such interference ~ this will seperate the Men from the Boys…I dont see the Invite as any endorsement of Mr Modi though I have no doubt he would have extracted mileage from it

Conspiracy and counter conspiracy theories are already on the propaganda circuit ~ that this was engineered by the Congress ~or  that this was engineered by Modi himself !    ~ Welcome to the real world, MBA Indian Students of Wharton ! ~ you’re experiencing live a vicious example of political science or should I say intrigue !  ~ you guys are lucky !  ~you never would have got this action in the classroom !

…and it’s sickening to hear Congress spokesmen on the channels going hammer and tongs at BJP and trying to extract Political Mileage from this ~ instead they should pull up Wharton strongly for this Insult of a CM that can become PM next year ! ~ even if there is some truth that he was invited because of his patronising the WIEF Chief Indian Sponsors Gautam Adani & his Group who since too has pulled out a  speaker and also as Chief Sponsor

…and as I post this blog,our deputy chairman of the Planning Commission,Mr Montek Singh Ahluwalia has not pulled out from speaking at WIEF later this month ! ~probably to boast that India will achieve 6.1% to 6.7% GDP Growth Rate next year and that is no mean feat ! ~ conveniently forgetting how forecasts in the past have gone horribly wrong ! read more