When you are Happy and you know it clap your Hands!….and when you are not……!

I’m Happy about so many things…..

……proud of daughter and her School team of three bagging the trophy at the TIFR Brain Camp where they successfully defended their project “The Effect of Glucose on Cognitive Abilities” ~ 33 top students from 10 top Mumbai Schools attended the four day camp where they interacted with top neuroscientists 

…….love when Sensex drops and cannot sustain 20000 + levels as it will give some us interesting and lower risk levels in specific scrips to buy into….ideally would love the Sensex to drop even below my bottom range of 18500 I gave at the beginning of 2013 !….hope the US Fed obliges and begins tapering soon ! 

…….love to see Yuvraj back in form and want to see him regain his place in the India Team…he’s fitter and wiser and I guess more humble…and I’ve always loved this guy and his swagger !….he’s a match winner

…….loved the announcement of  Tata and Singapore Airlines launching their Airline 

…….happy to be recovering well and regaining strength and energy and appetite thanks in great measure to  the continuous and  overwhelming support, prayers and concern expressed by so many…deeply touched and makes me introspect am I this deserving !…had  an hours’ pleasant outing after 50 days !

……..happy for my cousin Bini Patel and her husband Gyan Correa  for their National Award winning film ‘The Good Road’ being selected as the India representation as the best foreign film  at the 2014 Oscars….hope it makes the final five !

I’m also not Happy on a few things…..sad,angry and helpless

……..Thought Karan Johar was a sore loser voicing his anger and that we had lost a golden chance to win when his ‘The Lunchbox’ was not selected and the 16 member jury opted for ‘The Good Road as above….I have seen neither but surely the Jury must have seen something good in ‘The Good Road’

……..Unprovoked Cowardly attacks continue unabated as innocent people including children and women are massacred around the world….An upmarket Kenyan Mall was attacked…..Suicide Bombers targeted a Peshawar Church….hundreds have died yesterday in both and even more have been been wounded

……UPA Government overturning a Supreme Court Order and passing an Ordinance to protect convicted MPs and MLAs from losing their Parliament and Legislature Seats…..this is the level of degenaration we have now stooped to that we shall be helpless when continued to be governed by Criminals !   read more