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1 APPLE = 10 RELIANCE as APPLE crosses a Market Cap of US $ 500 Billion !

Apple has crossed Market Cap of US $ 500 Billion…only the fifth company in history to do so….Microsoft and Cisco have been there only to reverse back down

……so 4 Apples make India’s GDP…or 1 Apple= 10 Reliance !

…and 1 Apple is more than the GDP of most nations on Planet Earth

…and Apple is just 15 times Trailing Earnings with IPad 3,IPhone 5 and ITv Innovations being launched soon…and existing products like Macs hold just 10% of worldwide PC Sales while iPhones hold just upto 20% of world market share….

….so will Apple cross US $ One Trillion and double from the US $ 543 Levels it currently trades at !?…the market is divided on this,more so as Steve Jobs is no longer on this Planet to take Apple to greater heights and patriotic Americans are getting increasingly critical of Apple for not bringing jobs back to USA and manufacturing it’s products in China and other South East Asian Countries to maintain global competitive pricing advantage

….much as Indian markets are divided on Reliance !….Today Reliance closed at Rs 810 giving a Market Cap of Rs 265367 crs or just above US $ 53 Billion

So should a High NetWorth Indian with a Global Portfolio lean towards Innovative  Apple of USA or rely on Reliance in India to power his portfolio ahead ! ?

Maybe Apple needs to diversify !…in the mid 1990s Apple was just about surviving….Maybe it can buy out India’s largest Market Cap Company,Reliance in such a strategy !

Just a Thought !

Am biting into a lusciously red Apple while I blog this !…and it’s not Indian !

Cheers !



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