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10 11 12 Awesome Day ! ~ Our Generation has lived 1/2/3 & 2/3/4 & 3/4/5 &…….Let’s Celebrate 10/11/12 and our Sensex !

10 11 12 Awesome Day !

10 11 12 Awesome Day !

Family reminded me early morning of this and a Friend added that we are the generation who has seen and lived

1/2/3     &     2/3/4     &     3/4/5     &     4/5/6     &      5/6/7     &     6/7/8     &     7/8/9     &      8/9/10      &     9/10/11

So let’s Celebrate an Awesome 10/11/12 today and our Sensex !

Fresh Refreshing Chilled Watermelon Juice to begin an Awesome Day 10 11 12 !

I did by starting the day with fresh refreshing chilled Watermelon Juice overlooking the Greens and then later  tucking into heavenly Fresh Sitaphal Rasmalai and Walnut Sheera and mouth melting Butter and Cheese Baby Naans and…….at a close cousin’s engagement ceremony at noon catered yummily by Thackers at Birla,Chowpatty ~ their vegetarian catering for functions is honestly divine and some of their menu creations are truly exclusive

And May I add ! I was born before the Sensex and have lived and Shared it’s Joys and Sorrows !

We’re told not to get Emotional on Stocks but We’re Family you know !  ~ and I know it’s going to survive me ! ~and it’s going to cross 25000 and 50000 and 75000 and 100000 before I move on from Planet Earth ! if historic precedence is evidence,it has given a CAGR of near 17% from 1978/79 and even if it keeps a reasonable 15% march forward from current levels of 18700 it should theoretically cross 25000 in 2 to 3 years by 2014 and 50000 in seven years by 2019 and 75000 in ten years by 2022 and 100000 before 2025 !

Mind You the Sensex has a Mind of it’s Own ! and so the CAGR of 15% assumption would be more valid for longer periods ~ in the shorter term we shall have to deal with cycles of volatility,sometimes intense

That’s why it’s advised to Invest in Equity for the Long Term ! ~ did I hear the Cynics twitter ” We’re all Dead in the Long Term !”

Though I love and celebrate our Sensex,am raising another point again ! ~Can we beat the Sensex CAGR with Individual Stock Selections !? The Debate rages on between Passive Index Investing and Specific Portfolio Selections ~ Of course we can beat the Sensex CAGR ! with Specific Selections ! ~ In any case ,both ways forward are a good case for Investing in Equity

Tomorrow I hope to blog on this to support my assertion for specific stocks vs just Playing the Sensex ~ One Year Diwali 2011 to Diwali 2012 being the Period !

Cheers !


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