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10 distinctions between Traders & Investors

🙂 10 distinctions between Traders & Investors

  1. Traders look at Price,Investors look at Value
  2. Traders watch Stock Channels,Investors read Books
  3. Traders study Charts minutely,Investors chill out at Beaches
  4. Traders make Brokers rich,Investors make themselves rich
  5. Traders book Profits,Investors book Losses
  6. Traders average on downside,Investors average on upside
  7. Traders look at 10% profit,Investors look at 10x profit
  8. Traders may become Millionaires,Investors  move on to becoming Billionaires
  9. Brokers misuse Traders,Investors use Brokers
  10. Apt for Traders ~ “Roj aao toh rojaaoh” : Apt for Investors ~ “Kum aao toh kamaoh” 
I’m sure you guys can contribute to some more !
like here’s an 11th one : Traders are addicted to & play Derivatives & Indices ,Investors see Derivatives as Weapons of Mass Destruction & Indices merely as Macro Indicators


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