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105 Scribes killed on job this year…..this figure would change radically…even if notionally… if Financial journalism is covered !

Interesting press piece in today’s DNA….

105 scribes killed on job this year….

Media Watchdog Press Emblem Campaign released this figure describing the killing of reporters as an “epidemic with no cure”…in 2009,the figure was higher at 122 and in 2008 there were 91 journalists killed…Over five years ,529 journalists have been killed with over a fifth of them in Iraq….Mexico and Pakistan have been the most dangerous countries for media workers to report from in 2010

A Reflex Amusing but Angry Thought comes to mind…if financial reporting is covered then the notional killings of all those ‘experts and anchors and reporters’ that proliferate the Stock TV Channels and Print Media would have easily crossed 100 !….and the count of victims,that are the helpless and hapless Traders and Investors who are TV addicts glued to the Stock Channels,would easily have crossed over 10000 !

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