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18…16…14….Mumbai Shivers……Cold Vibes from Stocks too

It’s been cold in Mumbai past few nights….heavy woollies are out…..Temperature dropped to 14.6 the other night….sending shivers through Mumbaikars……and as 2010 draws to a close,most Stock Experts in their solemn guises advice looking forward to 2011…regardless of what losses you may have strewn behind in 2010 !……Markets are giving cold vibes too….2011 should thus begin on a solemn note…more on this later

Cheers !

P S : Apologise for a week’s silence on the blog…especially to Rudra who pointed this out to me….was out of town awhile and then returned to a chilly Mumbai…just getting warmed up again…and yes Adwaithe,thanks for the appreciation for the Emami Infra blog and I will look into SEL Manufacturing (FV Rs 10) at Rs 18/19…it’s dropped from Rs 107 earlier in the year !….makes helluva money,atleast shows it does, but gives no dividend…has loans of over Rs 900 crs…rising cotton prices are impacting operations…simply too many interlocked Corporate Governance issues too for the Salujas of Ludhiana who have promoted this Company….too many GDR Issues too…three within a year !….too many Bulk Deals….raises more questions than provides answers !    


3 thoughts on “18…16…14….Mumbai Shivers……Cold Vibes from Stocks too”

  1. Hi Gaurav

    I am a regular follower of your blog and would definetly like to praise you on quality of contect in your posts.

    Can you please suggest if SEL is worth investing on current jaw dropping levels

    Thanks in advance

  2. Res sir, I have attended your class at the office of Asit C.Mehta Inv.Int.Ltd. and much impressed. every day i open your blog with a happy mood. Please give the investment idea about MOIL shoul we invest or wait

  3. Yes sir, if you wouldn’t have blogged for another day, even i would have brought it to your notice 🙂

    Hope to read more of your thorough company investigations soon. Was jst going thru this Temptation foods script some days ago which was in news for its MD being arrested. would appreciate if you could have ur comments on tht too..


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