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20-X registers it’s first major Indices correction of 2.4% on the bourses today

Don’t lose sleep over today’s correction

Sensex closed 2.42 % lower at 17051 today from yesterday’s close of 17474…The Nifty dropped 2.44% to close 5094 today from 5222 yesterday’s close

This was enough to spook the low cap and mid cap scrips that have risen smartly in the recent month….Most of them reacted strongly by even 5%…some even by more….causing agony to Short term,intra day and even tick traders…They had a rough and tough day today as did most brokers too…expect them to collect even the smallest debit cheque too from clients today or tomorrow !

As I reiterate…don’t lose sleep over this fall as long as your stock selections are sound…but if you’re playing this High Beta game this past  month then you just may get restless…..just stay true to your risk profile…don’t get aggressive if you’re going to sweat on such a fall as today’s and create High Risk High Beta Short term Equity Portfolio….It might just become unnerving!   

Think Long Term…Think Rational….Think Sound Scrips for most part of your Equity Portfolio…..That’s really the only way to grow Wealth in Equity

Cheers !


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