SESA INDUSTRIES….Unlisted but worth Rs 1600+…..much more than Rs 675 being offered

On November 1,2009 I had warned shareholders of the unlisted Sesa Industries to think twice before selling their shares on offers of Rs 600 per share

Unlisted Sesa Industries has buyers off market at Rs 600…but should you sell ? NO!…It’s worth much more 

Now offers are at Rs 675…..Please think again Twice before selling in private deals…It’s worth much more….You will be getting 4 Sesa Goa shares for every 1 Sesa Industries Share….Sesa Goa is currently at Rs 410+…Thus your Sesa Industries Share is worth Rs 1640 ! already…it will climb higher if Sesa Goa climbs higher….A recent BOA-ML report sets a target price of Rs 472 for Sesa Goa

Legal Issues…matter is in the Supreme Court….has delayed this merger for some years now…This year or next should see this issue resolved