Great ! Dashing through the Snow Jingle Bell Merry December is on us ! Enjoy it Healthily & Heartily & Happily as it heralds in 2014

Hello December

Great ! Dashing through the Snow Jingle Bell Merry December is on us ! ~ Already Feel the Joy & Warmth in a cool yet to become chilly early morning Breeze and expect the Nights to get Nippier

Enjoy it Healthily,Heartily and Happily as much as you can as it heralds in 2014 just as I began to do this morning ! ~

Started December with an early morning ‘Happy Feet’ barefoot walk in the Garden Dew followed by a Healthy and Hearty Breakfast at the Club of Hot Masala Dosa without Oil & Butter with Hot Sambar & Chutney & A Lovely Chilliless but Hot Akori made from Whites only on Butterless Brown Bread Toast and Strong Mint Tea with Splenda instead of Sugar ~ it’s a No Calorie Sweetener from Sucralose derived from Sugar and does not contain Aspartame

…and tomorrow is the Club’s Annual Day Evening Celebrations for Members ~~ There’s Cocktails & Dinner  and a Live Band in attendance ‘Infra Red Entertainers’ ~ All on the House ~ So there would be Drinks & Dancing  and ‘De gustibus non est disputandum’ Dinner if one goes by historic precedence of past Annual Days in recent years  ~ It’s a Latin maxim meaning “In matters of taste, there can be no disputes” and all in the Delightful Company of Good Friends  

…and it’s all Free !~ till this Sunday morning over 700 Members had registered for the Celebrations tomorrow 

On the Professional Work Front,Pre Diwali October was fantastic for our Stock Selections as was November ~ Started December with Clients who renewed and upgraded and the promise of many joining us ~ December should continue this run of Luck & Skills and I expect 2014 too to be a Bountiful Equity Year on Specific Selections and Strategies and even in the Macro Indices if NDA comes into power at the Centre in the General Elections as is widely expected and indicated

Cheers to December 2013 as it heralds in a much awaited  2014