Yeah ! Finally Announcing the Three Winners of TAP GAP Poser end 2013 ~Which Indian Company will be a Big Share Price Winner in 2014?

😆 Yeah ! Finally Announcing the Three Winners of 

TAP GAP Poser end 2013 ~Which Indian Company will be a Big Share Price Winner in 2014?

😀 Congratulations to VEJ,ROHIT and RR for JM Financial @ Rs 29,Delta Corp @ Rs 105 and Polaris @ Rs 141 respectively


Scrip Selected




JM Financial

@ Rs 29

currently yet

@ Rs 28/29


  A Banking Licence if granted early this year (strong probability, already taken as given in Banking Circles) will be a huge Game Changer and move the Price up smartly in 2014 


Annual Subscription to Scrip Sanctuarries Equity Advisory Web Plan H on worth Rs 5000


XL gauravblog Hamper


Dinner Invite in Mumbai


Delta Corp

@ Rs 106

currently up

@ Rs 116/117

Is already a Profitable Player in the Entertainment (Three Gambling Casinos  in Goa) & Hospitality Sector and the huge Daman Venture is to kick off this year first as a Hotel and then Other Operations that include Gambling ~ Non Linear Growth Potential beginning in 2014 itself    


XL gauravblog Hamper


Dinner Invite in Mumbai



@ Rs 141

currently up

@ Rs 145/146

Has restructured Operations into five Divisions each headed seperately ~ Exciting Scale Growth Potential as Obama’s Compulsory Healthcare for all kicks in this year in USA ~ Price will zoom overnight if and when it hawks of it’s Services Business like it’s endeavouring to do


L gauravblog Hamper


Dinner Invite in Mumbai

🙄 Phew ! it was a Tough but Educating and Interesting Exercise to finalize the Top 3 as above from the 58 Scrip Responses

The Shortlisted Scrips that just missed the Winners List are IDFC,Cera Sanitaryware ,VST Tillers and Insecticides

My Team & I went through the Pedigree, Potential,Performance  & Price Data of all 58 scrips and our first shortlist of 20 scrips were profiled into three categories as below

  1. Scrips that will suit all Risk Profiles ~ these included Godrej Properties,IDFC ,Repco Home Finance,VST Tillers and Tata Global
  2. Scrips that have Moderate Risk ~ these included Persistent Systems,Symphony,GPPL,Cera Sanitaryware,Indoco Remedies and Insecticides
  3. Scrips that may have Aggressive Beta or game changing situations in 2014 ~ these included JM Financial, Delta,YBrant, Liberty Shoes,Polaris,Helios & Matheson,Shilpa Medicare,AVT Natural and J B Chemicals

The TAP POSER had not laid down any conditions on Profiles suitability or Asset Allocation and suitable Exposure of the selected scrip in the Equity Segment or whether Scrip Prices can be manipulated to Highs but we did examine these possibilities

You will observe the Winners are all from the third category as they hold better potential to be the highest % gainers in 2014

😯 Our Assumption is that 2014 will maintain a Bullish Momentum going into the Year and Aggressive Beta Scrips or those that can have game changing scenarios in 2014 will be positioned to score well in 2014 ~ and so though all  58 scrip responses may have good potential in the next three years we were focussing on which has the potential to gain in 2014 itself

We also  examined the following situations :

  1. Whether the Scrip Potential is already well reflected in the Current Share Price
  2. Whether there is Potential Game changing Scenario or Non Linear Revenue & Earnings Growth in 2014 itself
  3. Scrip is too Risky even for Aggressive Profiles and can get decimated
  4. Corporate Governance Issues that may create strong hurdles to any Potential Share Price Appreciation
  5. What are the Trading Volumes levels and scope for manipulation

For all the other 55 Scrips that don’t feature in the Winners List I just have one Prayer for these ~ hope they do become strong Winners in 2014 and if any one of these have gained the highest in 2014 in % terms eclipsing even those declared as the three winners above, it too will be declared a Winner and the participant/s who submitted this Winner will be entitled to a gauravblog hamper and dinner in January 2015 ! as long as the Participant is not Vej or RR who are already Winners for one of their four Scrips each that they responded on this Poser

Here there is a good chance that low priced Scrips like JHS Svendgaard at Rs 6/7 (same currently) from RR and YBrant at Rs 7 (up on 2% upper circuits every day and at Rs 9.65 today) from Anand may just become huge gainers in 2014 as they believe they would

Thanks Hemant for requesting me to revive TAP GAP Poser with this Poser and Thanks to all of you who participated and made it really a successful exercise

Winners are being emailed individually by me

Now await the next TAP GAP Poser ! ~ Any suggestions what should it be ? ~ just  let me know on the blog itself  under any recent blogpost,including this one !

😆 Reiterating Congratulations to VEJ,ROHIT and RR for JM Financial @ Rs 29,Delta Corp @ Rs 105 and Polaris @ Rs 141 respectively read more