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February 23, 2014

How to get a job at Google !

How to get a job at Google

Thomas Friedman has written this fascinating piece in  New York Times which Times of India has reproduced today


Intellectual Humility….committing a fundamental attribution error… need a big ego and a small ego in the same person at the same time….Emergent against Traditional Leadership….that’s willingness to step back and relinquish power to be an effective leader….your degree is not a proxy for your ability to do any job….least important attribute is expertise…

Wow! .

Enjoyed the Entertaining Show of the Mentalist Lior Suchard last evening at NCPA

Enjoyed the Entertaining Show of the Mentalist Lior Suchard last evening at Tata Theatre  NCPA….reached early for the 4.30 pm extra show and eagerly awaited the beginning with childlike anticipation…was with an even more excited wife and daughter and her friend

He’s a Funny Guy with a great sense of humour and timing…..90 minutes of non stop high octane action…..projected as a mentalist and a supernatural entertainer his act is a combination of tricks ( knew one of them ) and sleight of hand and some mentalist stuff

Good Presentation and Interaction with the audience and it was a  good evening spend post which we had the famous cold coffee at NCPA remembering my Dad who loved Cold Coffee and whose birthday too it was yesterday and he would have been 84 if alive

It was Houseful with Front Row Tickets at Rs 7500 and the last Row at Rs 1000….if you got to go,then go for the Cheaper Tickets !…not worth the first few front Rows Cost !…or better still get invited on their guest list by the organisers…one  show today at 8 pm at St Andrews,Bandra

This is the third time Lior Suchard has come to India and we seem to never get enough of him

Cheers and have a great Sunday

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