Salman Khan Free……Kamaal Hai ! ~ I Hit but Did Not Run !

This Blogpost is about SALMAN KHAN’s HIT & RUN  IN 2002 V/S MY HIT & NOT RUN IN 1982 !  

Khan Free…..Kamaal Hai!

It’s a Raging Hot Topic of the Week ~ Salman Khan’s Conviction &  5 Year Sentence & Bail in the September 2002 Hit & Run case ~ all inside two days !

This is his HIT & RUN in 2002……

On Wednesday,May 6,2015,Bollywood’s ‘Larger than Life’ Superstar Salman Khan was convicted in the Hit & Run Case of 2002 and sentenced to 5 years by the Mumbai Sessions Court…..within the day he gets two days interim bail from the High Court on the ground that the Order has not been received by them to appeal in time for Regular Bail that day

Today,Friday,May 8,2015 the Mumbai High Court granted him extended Bail on a Fresh Bond once he surrendered to the Court.His Appeal against the Sessions Court Sentence has been admitted and will be heard on merit by the High Court in July 2015.He may be acquitted or may even have to go to Jail if not…maybe for a lesser term than the 5 years he has been sentenced

It’s again highlighted the greater malaise in India where the Rich & Resourceful can afford the best legal brains and get preferred status in leveraging the judicial system for fast track processing

I would not Blame Salman Khan & his Family for using their resources to procure Bail at  lightening speed that was probably even faster than the high speed he has been accused and convicted of when driving the car under influence of alcohol on that fateful late night in September 2002 that killed one and injured others….not a speed available to the ‘aam junta’….Anyone with his or his family resources would  use them to secure Bail in a similar situationblame the system that has evolved that facilitates this 

And who creates this ‘Larger Than Life’  & Celebrity Status persona for especially Bollywood Stars !? We Do ! ~ as we dive into Fantasies in their Reel Life seeking escape from the drudgery of our Lives and come out of ‘Kick’ and ‘Hangover’ wishfully wondering what ‘if’ we lived in ‘Real’ what we just saw on ‘Reel’

I would also not blame Bollywood for demonstrating Solidarity with Superstar Salman….brethren instinctively do,especially to a benevolent benefactor in many ways to who they are beholden

Salman Khan has also been convicted for having ‘Run’ away from the Scene after the ‘Hit’….his defence was he was afraid of being lynched…his father Salim Khan is upset that the Media calls it a Hit & Run…there was no ‘Run’ as Salman has always been available….Court has thought otherwise though and it’s conviction order states so read more