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Day: April 11, 2016

Finally! ~ TAP GAP gauravblog Winner Hampers enroute to Bhanu Kiran Polanki & Pushkar Singh Rana

Finally! ~ TAP GAP Winner Hampers enroute this evening to Bhanu Kiran Polanki in Hyderabad & Pushkar Singh Rana in Dehradhun

Will not reveal what’s in these right now …Let them be surprised….what I will reveal is they weigh over 7 kgs each and are loaded with @ 20 Brands & 35 items !~ @ twice more than last year ! ( perhaps a way of apologising for the delay in announcing 2016 winner and therefore the delay in despatch ~ come on guys there were 100+ entries to study !)

Bhanu Kiran Polanki won retro for 2015  for recommending Vidhi Dyestuff beginning 2015 at Rs 17 and which rocketed a brilliant 347% to Rs 76.65  at December year end 2015 and even today holds at Rs 70 levels…It zoomed higher than Intellect Design which too did brilliantly in 2015 & which I had selected beginning 2015 as the TAP GAP 2015 Winner…Spicejet & Intrasoft (late entry beyond deadline) which too did well in 2015  had missed out

Pushkar Singh Rana wins it for recommending Kaveri Seeds at Rs 325 beginning of 2016.It’s my TAP GAP choice from a record of over 100 Entries

Just as Bhanu Kiran Polanki won retro for 2015 even at 2016 Year end we will see another hamper being awarded to the participant whose entry from the over 100 entries recommended  for 2016 has gained the highest as long as it’s not Kaveri Seeds!

It’s not been a Happy Sensex 2016 thus far with Sensex beginning the year at 26100 levels and dropping 12% to 23000 levels before recovering.Today it’s battling to stay over 24600….yet down 5.75% from 2016 opening…and then recovered to gain 25000 again…needs another 4.2 % to regain 2016 opening levels

Hope you guys Bhanu & Pushkar enjoy the Hamper !

Cheers !

Update on Monday,April 18,2016

Both Bhanu & Pushkar have expressed delight…am truly happy their families and they are enjoying the contents as below…maybe we should have another TAP GAP Contest mid year 2016  with more winners & more hampers !…Cheers ! 😆

Pushkar Singh Rana Hamper Contents


An Investment Case for Silver !?

Gold & Silver Price History Last 10 Years


Gold Silver Price Ratio

How do you read the above two graphs sourced from Seeking Alpha ?

An Investment Case for Silver Perhaps !?

From one graph that shows the Price trends over last 10 years you can observe that  the Prices of both the bullion,Gold & Silver are directly co-related,albeit with some varying intensity

The second graph shows the Gold to Silver Ratio over the last 25 years and drives home a point that the varying intensity of price movements between the two offers opportunities

Currently as on April 11,2016 ,per oz Gold rules at @ US $ 1250 levels and Silver at @ US $ 15 => 83% G/S ratio….you observe that this 21st Century in the past 15 years the 80% mark has been just about reached just thrice,including now in 2016 with gaps of several years…over most periods it has remained in the 50% to 60% range and only once a few years ago dropped to @ 30% …over 90% was way back in the 1990-95 period

So what are the scenarios for Silver in the next three years?

  1. Very Bullish ~  Silver rises faster than Gold does to bridge this 83% ratio
  2. Moderately Bullish ~ Silver rises as Gold remains stable to bridge this 83% ratio
  3. Mildly Bullish ~ Silver rises but Gold  rises faster  and the G/S ratio moves over 90%+ like in 1990-95
  4. Mildly Bullish ~ Silver rises but Gold falls to bridge the 83% ratio
  5. Bearish ~ Gold falls and thus does silver
  6. Status Quo ~ Both Silver & Gold remain at current levels and maintain 80%+ ratio

Higher than normal 83% ratio strengthens probability of Bullish scenarios  1 & 2 for Silver

First Quarter of 2016 has seen Stocks & Sensex move  lower….but as they say there’s a Silver Lining !

Now when will these Jewelers call of their Strike ! ?…or is there a Silver ETF you can play?

What’s your call on Silver?

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