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25 Questions for you Mr Honest PM,Manmohan Singh….Expect a Simple and Honest ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

Mr Honest PM,Manmohan Singh, you are leading our great Indian Nation and enjoy a strong reputation of deep wisdom and personal Integrity of the highest order

Therefore it does pain me as a Citizen of our Great Country to pose most of these 25 straight questions to you…but I must…and the Nation and me want a straight and honest Yes’ or ‘No’ Answer  

As India continues to prosper,there will be more and more pressures on our nation and our People to create fissures and divisions among us….some coming from within and some from overseas…Corruption and Criminality and Communalism may continue to be the 3 ugly Cs that will create hurdles in us taking that Leap into becoming a Developed Nation in every sense…and we must be ever on guard to chop off these heads everytime they pop up

Are you the Right Leader to take us forward ?…a honest answer to these 25 questions will help in forming some opinion





25 Straight Questions to you Mr Honest PM for a Honest ‘Yes’ or ‘No’



Tick  Honestly














Indo US Nuclear Deal Vote in the Lok Sabha in 2008 And Billions of Dollars of Nuclear Deals with USA and France

Were you Aware at anytime that Some Political Parties and their MPs and Independent MPs were bribed in Hard Cash of Crores of Rupees by Congress and it’s UPA allies and their functionaries to buy their Vote in the Indo US Nuclear Treaty Vote in the Lok Sabha in 2008 ?

Were you involved in this ‘Cash for Vote’ Scam either as a silent spectator or actually having suggested how to go about it and even authorized it ?

As a strong proponent to Intensify India’s Nuclear Energy Initiative have you or any member of your delegation, made any secret promise and committment to US President Obama or even the French President when you met them to buy Nuclear Technology, Equipment including Reactors from USA and France in exchange for their vote and support at crucial meetings of International Nuclear Agencies like NSG and IAEA  ?

 Like there were kickbacks in the Bofors Defence Deals and which was vehemently  and wrongly denied by Congress Party at the time,are there kickbacks in these nuclear deals of billions of dollars with USA and France and are you aware of who is facilitating them and who are the beneficiaries ?





 Yes       No


  Yes       No


  Yes       No



 Yes       No 









Appointment of Chief Vigilance Commissioner (CVC)

 Were you Aware at anytime, especially after Leader of the Opposition, Mrs Sushma Swaraj brought it to your attention and noted her dissent in the Committee to select the CVC , that P J Thomas was facing a Legal Case and was chargesheeted when you chose him as India’s Chief Vigilance Commissioner in 2010 ?

Were you Aware that your Choice of CVC,P J Thomas has worked before as the Telecom Secretary under A Raja ?




 Yes       No



 Yes       No









2G Spectrum Scam 2008-10

Were you Aware at anytime that your Telecom Minister A Raja of DMK was embarking in wrongdoing in the allocation of 2G Spectrum in 2008 and 2009?

 Did you allow A Raja to commit this wrongdoing in the allocation of the 2G Spectrum Scam ?

Are you Aware of anyone, especially Congress Party or any of it’s functionary or their Fronts receiving Payoffs in the 2G Scam ?

 Are you Aware of who has paid these bribes in the 2G Scam ?




  Yes       No

  Yes       No


 Yes       No

 Yes       No








New Delhi Commonwealth Games

 Were you Aware at anytime that the Delhi Government run by Congress and led by Shiela Dixit and other Congress functionaries like Suresh Kalmadi were awarding New Delhi Commonwealth Games contracts to chosen few for tens and  hundreds and thousands of crores of Rupees in 2009 and 2010 when the work, services or products could have costed much less ?

Are you personally shielding Shiela Dixit,Suresh Kalmadi  or are aware of who is doing so and the reasons for doing so in the Commonwealth Games Corruption and Misappropriation of Funds Scam ?




 Yes       No



 Yes       No









Indian Black Monies in Swiss Banks

Were you Aware at anytime that there are Black Monies stashed away in Swiss Banks by Indians, more so as you had promised on assuming office as PM that within 100 days you will take action on this ?

 Are you going slow or covering up in Black Monies Issue because there is party or bureaucrat or corporate or even overseas countries pressure on you to do so and that you are aware that Hasan Ali is fronting some Congress functionaries ….the Swindler in whose Swiss Bank A/c was found US $ 8 Billion which subsequently mysteriously vanished ?



 Yes       No


 Yes       No










Personal Integrity under the Scanner

Are you Lying if you have answered ‘No’ for all the above ?

If your answer to all above is yet ‘No’ then as PM of our great Nation,India, should you not have been aware of all of the above as the buck stops with you and you have to take responsibility for it ?

Are you considering resigning as the PM assuming moral responsibility for the above accusations and under opposition demand that you do so and in line with what your own party Congress  has boasted of having done….that their Maharashtra CM, Ashok Chavan resigned in view of Adarsh Housing Scam allegations ?

Your leading Congress Partymen and Ministers,especially Kapil Sibal keep proclaiming that you are above reproach  and your your Integrity cannot be questioned…in your own assessment are you truly Honest and as PM are truly the Custodian of the Country’s Conscience ?



 Yes       No

 Yes       No


 Yes       No



 Yes       No







Any Autobiography

Are you contemplating writing an Autobiography, probably titled ‘Confessions of an Indian PM’ ? 



 Yes       No












Any Regrets

Do you regret having joined Politics and becoming the PM?

Do you strongly believe that BJP is a Communal Party ?

 Have you ever been Blackmailed?

Are you considering retiring in a quiet countryside in a Nation other than India to get away from it all ?

There is a strong national perception that Sonia Gandhi, the President of the Congress Party is infact the PM of India and you hold office merely as her puppet  and are unable to get away from her large hovering shadow…is this true ?

 You are known as the Father of Modern Economic Reforms which you initiated as FM in 1991 but now if History records you merely as a PM who presided over the most Corrupt Government in Indian History and does not recognise you as a Visionary will it be doing justice to your accomplishments ?




 Yes       No

  Yes       No

 Yes      No

 Yes      No


 Yes       No


 Yes       No






4 thoughts on “25 Questions for you Mr Honest PM,Manmohan Singh….Expect a Simple and Honest ‘Yes’ or ‘No’”

  1. why bother him ask people who vote on
    basis caste, cash.He is
    just a employee for last
    50 years only difference
    earlier he use to work some firm now he works
    for private powerful family

  2. Vijay – Its is easier to change the system than to change 1 billion people.

    Will you not vote for someone, if he / she gives you 1 lakh… 1 crore??? The price for buying us is different thats it.

    PM is not an employee, he is the leader. He just can’t shake his head for everything that the powerful family tells! This is ridiculous.

  3. The point i want to make
    is our respected primeminster is not leader Every bureacat in
    india trys to get into some offical postion after retirement
    same way DR singh sir got into PM chair unforunately
    indian middleclas and
    upper middle class has bulit lot of expecations but now on his non perfomance every body getting angry. In my
    words thinking a company price will go up only on techincal chart not
    on fundmentals is riduclous same way asking some body to
    do things which he is not capable is to bad habit. so pl donot ask
    questions only remeber

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