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Monsanto to pay US $ 93 m for poisoning US Town Nitro with dioxin a chemical byproduct of the toxic Herbicide Agent Orange

Monsanto to pay US $ 93 m for poisoning US Town Nitro with dioxin a chemical byproduct of the  toxic Herbicide Agent Orange 

Residents of this West Virginia Town have a right to file individual suits against Monsanto if medical tests show they suffered physical harm due to dioxin exposure.

Monsanto is under seige too for using Glyphosate…. another deadly toxin used in Monsanto herbicides such as RoundUp

India needs to be aware of these developments as Monsanto is very active in India and this giant biotech company is right up there in genetically modified production of crops….Bt Cotton and Brinjal for instance……and there is a raging debate in India to go ahead full fledge on this

Monsanto India is a listed company at Rs 2000 with a Market Cap over Rs 3400 crs…FY 14 saw Sales of Rs 582 crs and Profit of Rs 123 crs with an EPS of Rs 71…Equity is low at Rs 17.26 crs (FV Rs 10) with two Monsanto Companies holding an aggregate of 72.14% of the Equity ….Reserves are Rs 327 crs and Book Value is Rs 200….PE works out to 28 and PBV to 10….It’s a Zero Debt Company and paid 30% Final Dividend and a 120% Interim Dividend

Monsanto Controversial Chronology is briefly documented here

Two Interesting Names come up on the Board of Directors of Monsanto India:

R C Khanna ~ As on June 30,2014 held 389976 Equity Shares  or 2.26% Equity Stake => worth Rs 80 crs today

He is the Non-Executive Director. ~A Cost & Chartered Accountant from England & Wales ~he retired as the Senior Partner of M/s. A.F. Ferguson & Co., Chartered Accountants, in 1989 (Merged into Deloitte ). He joined the Board of MIL in 1975.

Pradeep Poddar

He is the Non-Executive Independent Director ~ A Chemical Engineer from UDCT, Mumbai and an MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad ~  served as part of the top-management at Glaxo, Heinz and the Tata Group. He is presently the Managing Director of Mount Everest Mineral Water Limited, a Tata Enterprise and is leading the Tatas’ foray into water and functional beverages globally. He represents the Tatas’ interest on the Boards of Nourishco, the Joint Venture Company with Pepsico and the Rising Beverage Company (Activate Beverages) in USA. He is also a trustee on the Board of United Way, Mumbai. He joined the MIL Board in January 2006.

There were 15770 Shareholders at June 30,2014 including the Two Promoter Monsanto Holding Companies

Wonder why the controversial Monsanto remains Listed and thus more in the Public Eye !

Maybe it’s got nothing to hide !…Really?

We Humans need Detoxification to lead a Healthy Life…..maybe Monsanto needs a serious dose of Detoxification too ?


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