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4 ‘Cs’….Crime,Cinema,Cricket and Classifieds Dominate Print News Editions

We always knew the Printed News Editions really sold and survived on on the 4 ‘Cs’…Crime,Cinema,Cricket and Classifieds

Twiddling a little Thumb late afternoon I thought I would check out todays Mid-day Afternoon Edition

It’s in two sections…each has it’s Own Mid-day Mate…..Main Section has 28 pages and a rough estimate shows Six pages of Advertisments (21%), Four  pages of Crime  Content (14%), Seven Pages of Cinema Content (25%), Six Pages of Sports Coverage (21%),of which over 60% is on Cricket…rest Five pages contain 4 pages of News and One Page of Miscellaneous Content

The Second Section contains 40 pages,nearly all of it is Classifieds( two pages devoted to Friendship and Massage Services) and Film and Job advertisements…and some of it contains an agony aunt column and astrological forecasts

I paid Rs 3 for all of this.I’m going to pay Rs 3 tomorrow too.

Try a similar study of even the leading morning Newspapers and you’ll come out with more or less similar category content breakup  


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