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5 Lessons to learn from the 39 year old Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer ~ Yahoo CEO

Really Sitting Pretty !

Here’s Nicholas Carson’s   Five interesting Lessons to learn from the US $ 500 million worth Marissa Mayer ~the 39 year old CEO of a US $ 40 billion Yahoo

  1. Choose the opportunity that’s scariest ~ While graduating from Stanford she picked to work at fledgling start up Google becoming one of it’s first 25 employees rather than become a  highly paid consultant or teach at Carnegie  Mellon
  2. Recognize your relative weaknesses~ She was picked as a Coder and struggled for months to build a system which later a new Star Coder joined and crested within weeks.She loved Google and decided that she would not be successful as a coder there and thus looked to find other working roles
  3.  Identify your company’s problems and solve them ~ She threw herself in many roles and finally zeroed in on three areas where she could add material value to Google
  4.  Don’t worry too much about stepping on toes ~ She even tried to solve problems in Google that others were already trying to .She made a lot of enemies but she did not care and neither did Top management at Google as long as problem was solved.In the process she made US $ 300 m in Google and became a Business Celebrity
  5.  Know when to say goodbye ~ Her Enemies in Google became powerful enough to sideline her.Yet she hung on keeping a low profile.When the opportunity came in 2011 to become the CEO of Yahoo she did not take it as she felt the Board of Directors were unrealiable to work with.A Year later nearly the whole Board was gone and she signed a US $ 200 m deal to become the CEO of Yahoo


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