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A Break from Satyam ! : Attended a private classical recital by Jayateeth Mevundiji

Last night I attended a private classical recital by Jayateeth Mevundiji at a Friend’s……there’s certainly life other than Equity Markets and the Likes of Satyam !

Jayateeth is a leading torchbearer of the Kirana Gharana  and regaled us non stop from 8 pm to 10.40 pm…as he warmed up,so did all of us….His voice control and crescendos were masterful as he enraptured the audience…His concluding raga was a Bhairavi Masterpiece by Pandit Bhimsen Joshi…Dinner that followed was interesting…Masala Bhath and Dahi Curry,Misal Pao and Gulab Jamun  

Thanks Friends…I genuinely enjoyed the recital though I have virtually no knowledge of Hindustani Classical…If I did, I’m sure I would have enjoyed even more….but ‘Jab Mann aur Dil ka Tar baje bar bar” it’s easy to appreciate the singing…Wifey was relieved as she had warned me earlier not to go to sleep and snore while the recital is on !


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