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A Frightening & Fateful Week passed with Ecological and Economic Distress

A Frightening & Fateful Week passed with Ecological and Economic Distress

Helpless in the Himalayas as Nature’s Fury takes a Frightening Toll on Lives and Livelihood 

Our Prayers continue for our Countrymen as Nature’s Fury Rained Down and Flowed Past like never before  rendering us Helpless in the Himalayas with  Rudraprayag hit the most and the Holy Town of Kedarnath under deluge

The Loss of Life will be in the Thousands while Loss of Livelihood will be for many many more

Army & Airforce Rescue Operations are on Day & Night to evacuate the over 80000 stranded at various Places as Road Routes have been blocked by Landslides or even destroyed where Portions have been swept away by the Waters

RBI & US Fed keep rates unchanged but QE 3 Tapering Hint by Ben Bernanke spooks Global Markets

Last Week on Monday, RBI kept Rates  and Ratios unchanged ~ there was no room

On Wednesday the US Fed announced no change in the Fed Rate  ~ this was expected ~but hinted at tapering off the QE 3 Asset Purchase Programme ~ this was a concern that was confirmed and it spooked Global Markets

Our Prayers continue for our Country,India too,as our Currency,the Rupee continues declining and has now reached Rs 60 to the US $ as FIIs sold off  and reallocated over US $ 4.5 billion of Indian Rupee Debt ~Our FM told us not to worry at Rs 40 ~ yet again at Rs 50 ~ and now reiterates this assurance at Rs 60! ~ We are now past worrying !

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Hope the Coming Week will be Positive and we hear of heroic  rescue and survival tales from the affected Himalayan Region and that our Rupee and Sensex ,both stabilise ~ the Sensex closed the week at 18700 levels ~down 2% from the earlier week  ~lower than even post budget closing levels of February 28,2013 when it slipped 2% on that day itself


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