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A Relaxing Rainy Sun-Day….First Rains in Mumbai this Season


A Relaxing Rainy Sun-Day…. after a heated up week ! ~ Rains have hit Mumbai early this year

Got up at 6 in the morning for the masseur to ease away the week’s tightness and then at 7 am fed my small menagerie of squirrels and parrots and sparrows and pigeons ~ these  pics were taken early this morning ~ and then dozed off to be woken up past 9 am by the lovely breakfast aroma that wafted from the kitchen ~ butter crisp dosa being prepared to be served Hot with  fresh hot sambar and chutney and  with a Potato Masala Stuffing Option !

Caught up with a Few Friends & Family ~ one of who conveyed that Ben Bernanke’s Address to Princeton 2013 Graduates,which I had posted on this blog earlier in the week,was featured in the Times today ~  Just finished reading all the 7 Sunday papers

Thought would be great to go for a swim in the first rains of the Monsoon Season ~ the water is warm while the weather is rainy,cool and windy ~ it’s a blissful soulful contrast feeling

Then Sunday reminded me it was Sunday ! and I had to be Loyally Lazy today !

So Good Morning ~ Good Afternoon ~ Good Evening ~ Good Night !

P S : Those who visit this Blog to catch up on my views on Sensex & Stocks can click Scrip Standpoint for the Week ended Friday June 7,2013  and while you’re at it you can even have a detailed look at the Flat Aggregate Bottomline Performance of the Sensex 30 Companies in FY 13


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