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A Terrible Sunday for the ruling Congress Party~ it is getting routed and decimated in the Poll Results in Delhi & Rajasthan

A Terrible Sunday for the ruling Congress Party~ it is getting routed and decimated in the Poll Lead Results in Delhi and Rajasthan….in Madhya Pradesh, BJP should retain Power while Chattisgarh it’s a split between Congress and BJP who are running neck to neck

At 11.20  am this Morning this is the Poll Results Leads Position in the four States that went to election earlier this Week


Seats Leads













28 (-63)



Madhya Pradesh



141 (+7))










Congress got to see the Writing on the Wall Now ! ~ These State Elections are a Trailer ~ The Whole Nation wants a Change in the Central Government as well ~ and BJP coming back to Power is indicated and seems to be the alternative right now

And these Congress Ministers and Spokesmen keep defending their Dynastic Leaders and even Sheila Dikshit who ruled Delhi for 15 long years…..Delhi Voters have spoken out strongly and  clearly Sheila Dikshit is being thrown out by the BJP and the new Aam Aadmi Party led by Kejriwal  ~ But who will run Delhi ? BJP is yet short of the 36 safe mark required and the AAP will not form any alliances….in fact if BJP falls short then AAP’s Kejriwal may call for new Delhi elections and urge Delhi to give AAP a clear mandate….BJP should be worried if this happens

What is also a welcome writing on the wall is that the new AAP is making it’s presence felt strongly in Delhi ….they are getting 32.2 % of the Votes against 32.3% of the BJP and just above 23% for the Congress…while the ‘None Of  The Above’ (NOTA) option is just 0.5% …rest is for Others…the NOTA % is higher in the Other states that went to the Polls and the Average is 1.66%

AAP  clearly will now spread their Influence Pan India

I personally Hope they challenge BJP strongly all over India too and come to rule India in 2014 or at least in 2019 and cleanse India of Leaders and Politicians who think they are a Law onto themselves ~ Cleanse India of a Dynastic and Dangerously Corrupt Political System and  and give Power to the 1.2 Billion Rural & Urban People of India through a Powerful LokPal Bill as it should be in a Vibrant Democracy and restore People’s Self Esteem and Self Dignity and Live their Lives with their Heads Held Higher as a Proud & Patriotic Indian

Congress is in danger of breaking up internally ~Coalition Partners may rethink Coalition ~ Congress must introspect seriously for coming out with more effective strategy for the General Elections in 2014 if they want to mount a serious challenge to BJP to retain Power


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