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A Young Mom supervising the Haircut of her Toddler Son ! ~ Hilarious ! ~ I am facing a similar challenge with my 23 year old son!

A Young Mom supervising her Toddler Son’s Haircut ! ~ Hilarious !  ~ I thought this should always be a Dad’s Fun Experience with a toddler Son ~ maybe Dad was yet sleeping on a Sunday ! ~ or maybe Mom has to take care of everything !

Today at Sunday Noon I had a Barber’s Appointment for a Hair Cut at the Club ~ Rs 60 + Tips + a free 2 min Head Massage thrown in ~ mind you this is not a fashionable up market celebrity Hair Stylist  Saloon ! ~ a few years ago when I did go to one just for the experience, I was shown different hairstyles  and a discussion was initiated as to what will suit me ! ~ an array of expensive shampoos were presented to me to choose from and was asked even to consider a suggestion to dye my hair ~ the expensive foreign brand thrust in my hands was intimidating  ! ~ Easier to select a Wine ! ~ they were disappointed when I said I just wanted a Trim with a slope behind and no hair around my ears and no shampoo please ! ~ Instantly they stopped treating me like a Bollywood Celebrity who throws round his weight and wallet too !

Reached dot at noon and found a young lady occupying the Chair next to her Toddler Son who had just started on his hair cut and was simply not wanting to! ~ she quickly vacated for me ~ I hope she tipped the barber well for his great patience ~ This Toddler must have wriggled in the Barbers Chair 360 degrees at least three times in ten minutes and I was worried the barber may just cut his scalp while cutting his hair ~ He kept yelling and crying without tears to stop the haircut ! ~ The Mom was trying all her tricks ~ promising chocolates ~ counting to 25 slowly that had the barber furiously trying to keep pace to !  ~ warning her son that  “old Budda” will come if he misbehaves ! ~ that was the time I had walked in ! and the son looked at me worriedly !

The Drama threatened to start all over again when the Mom kept urging her son to Shampoo and the Toddler had to change his Chair for it ~ Thankfully the son simply threw a fit and both Mom and Son made a quick exit !

My Son, who is 23, says he never hassled me while having his Hair Cut as a Toddler ~ Maybe, but the bigger problem is that he has not cut his Hair since ! ~ pardon the exaggeration but do get the point ! ~ he even sportingly allows us to ruffle his hair and band it or even ponytail it ! ~ funny thing is that many feel this is part of his aura and personality ! ~ told him this is not ‘Main Hoon Na!”  where Zayed Khan  refuses to cut his Hair until  an elder brother Shah Rukh Khan from another mother (finds this out later) comes to live with his mom and him and on his birthday he surprises his Mom by cutting his hair ! ~ told my son not to expect such a filmi situation and there is no brother from another mother that he shall find !

So just go and cut your hair Son ! ~ or else I shall drag you to the Barber and even if you manage to yell and wriggle 360 degrees several times in the Barbers Chair like the Toddler today,I shall ensure your Hair is cut !

How does one get a  23 year old son to have a Hair Cut and if he continues to be stubborn and rebel then how to drag him to the Barber and ensure the Hair Cut is of course the challenge !

Maybe I shall cut his Hair while he sleeps !


2 thoughts on “A Young Mom supervising the Haircut of her Toddler Son ! ~ Hilarious ! ~ I am facing a similar challenge with my 23 year old son!”

  1. He He..You are not alone,there are many such parents,well but when shown old photographs of their own, many keep quiet.I am lucky to have two daughter’s,but they comment on my old photo(shown by my mom) as, straight out of bed 🙂

  2. 🙂 Hemant my daughter simply grew and grew and grew her hair and loved when I gave her an oil head massage ! ~ all the while my wife was hassling her to trim it to manage it better and perhaps save monies on Oil and Shampoo ! ~ she finally relented at age 14 or 15 I think ! she’s now 17 !

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