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Krishan this one is for you ~ Arshiya International at Rs 125

Krishan this one is for you ~ Arshiya International at Rs 125

Have put it on Scrip Watch on our website ~ Check it out

I’m having some difficulty in accepting that Arshiya with a networth of @ Rs 550 crs and ROCE of @ 10% and a Market Cap of under Rs 800 crs  and a relatively high Debt Equity is executing Warehousing Projects of  Thousands of Crs

It has just recently amalgamated both it’s wholly owned subsidiaries into itself

52 Week High/Low is Rs 171 and Rs 111 and so is available towards it’s Lows

My Network tells me it is being hyped up by a few known punters,one of them who sits in Singapore and is irritatingly loud and over assertive at times as if except for him ,all of us are fools !

Kept it on Scrip Watch


6 thoughts on “Krishan this one is for you ~ Arshiya International at Rs 125”

    1. Quite a Steep Fall today in Arshiya, Sameer ! ~ Just checked we have had 108 hits on this Scrip Post just a few days old under Scrip Watch on our website + hundreds of hits on the relevant blog too ~ this one’s on track ~ but increase in responsibility is directly proportional to the increasing number who depend and act on my views ~ got to be careful I don’t recommended to buy something that’s really bad or sell something that’s good ! ~ Cheers!

  1. Hi Raoji, you have hit hard and straight ~ but I daresay this punter will not be panting ! ~ we all can go horribly wrong at times on our recommendations ~ this is the risk we run in Equities ~ but the real risk is in being arrogant and over assertive and condescending and take everyone but yourself as a fool ! ~ did not know you were an Alliance victim ! ~ and Oh ! he is not my fund manager when you state ‘your fund manager’! Cheers !

  2. Hello Sir
    He named it everytime when he appears on the tv I try to remain away when any analyst keep recommending any scrip regularly I like the business but the debt is too high so I asked for your advice before investing. Thanks Sir

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