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Adani Power Rs 127 and NHPC Rs 32….Both in F & O from today….Keep an Eye

Two Power Stocks to watch out for and that may Lighten up for a Brighter Diwali this year…Both also begin F & O Trading from Today

Adani Power at Rs 128…..Private Sector Power Player…..IPO was a year ago at Rs 100 in July/August 2009…so we see a 28% gain already…Permitted Lot in F & O is 2000 shares and the August 2010 Call Option for Strike Price of Rs 130 is quoted @ Rs 3

NHPC at Rs 32…..PSU….IPO was a year ago at Rs 36 in August 2009… we see a drop of over 10%….Permitted Lot Size in F & O is 8000 shares and the August 2010 Call Option for Strike Price of Rs 32.50 is being quoted below Rs 1…so one can take a 8000 shares position for Rs 260000 for a Premium of Rs 8000… end August if NHPC climbs past Rs 33.50 you start making a Profit…or else you stand to lose just Rs 8000…..If you buy 8000 shares of NHPC in the Spot you would have to pay @ Rs 260000….Instead for one month you get a similar leverage by paying just Rs 8000 !….and Government is planning a Mega IPO for PSU Giant Coal India around Diwali this year…..will not look good if another listed last year PSU like NHPC is below it’s IPO Price of Rs 36!

Think about it….Cheers !   


3 thoughts on “Adani Power Rs 127 and NHPC Rs 32….Both in F & O from today….Keep an Eye”

  1. Dear Gaurav,
    Your views on Manappuram General Finance & Leasing company would be greatly appreciated. Stock has doubled in few months & is still quoting @ a PE of around 18. Has grown 100%+ in last many years. Just like SKS it has ROA of 5% and near nil NPA. What is better is that company is 100% into gold loan so almost entire amount(85% LTA) is collaterised. I think it could easily go on to become a 1+ Billion dollar comapny. Any takes on this one?

  2. I was researching a few stocks on google search when I came across your blog Mr. Parikh. Out of curiosity, I started reading. It was 1 a.m. (Aug 6, 2010) when I started; it is nearly 7 a.m. now. I had forgotten to sleep! :-)…
    Being a journalist and economist, I was hooked, at the writing style, content, thought, underlying philosophy… The “off the beaten track” entries about the TV won in the World Cup contest among others too held my interest.
    May I compliment you on your blog? Seems, I shall have to be a regular visitor…
    The content is incisive, the heart is in the right place, and the presentation lucid…
    Have a great day!

    Dev Raj

  3. Hey Dev,

    I don’t ever recall when a Man has made me blush !….as for My heart being in the Right Place,my wife holds a contrary opinion !…..feels warm when I blog…it’s an extension of me…feels warmer when others enjoy it too…appreciate your taking the effort to respond….six unearthly hours at a stretch on my blog !…Wow !…you’ve made my day !….Cheers !

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