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Adani Power Struggles on Listing today…saves face by closing at Issue price of Rs 100

I had warned you on July 25,2009 that Adani Power (APL) may not have an exciting Listing…Though the grey market Premium of Rs 10 had indicated listing gains……Check out my take on the APL IPO

IPO of Adani Power at top end Rs 100….Aggressive Pricing makes it an Aggressive Investment

It listed today and struggled right through the day to stay above it’s Issue price of Rs 100…Clearly there was some directed Market Making so that it closed at a face saving Rs 100

If the Sensex seeks 13000 on the downside…It’s at 15000 levels today…. as India grapples with a Drought Situation and Rising Fiscal Deficit and Significant reversal of FII Flows in recent days,you can bet APL too will slide below Rs 90

Now watch out for the NHPC Listing in early September ! It was issued at an expensive Rs 36…Government was greedy….but so are the applicants !…Hoodwinked by the Hype,the Issue was heavily oversubscribed..NIB Portion 57 times !…I have bet you’ll get NHPC below Rs 30 shortly after Listing 

Pity all those who went for Leverage for better allotments…As it looks now,and with even historical evidence supporting,the only people who are laughing their way to the bank,having earned sure interest,are the Financiers.

Valuation Props you up…Hype knocks you down….What should you rationally choose ! ?…Make that Choice when another PSU,Oil India launches it’s IPO in early September…It was to come at Rs 800…Indications are Government wants Rs 1400 !…should be easy to make a rational choice at Rs 1400 ! 

Remember that Merchant Bankers appointed as Lead Managers have the Mandate from the Government  and the Company,not from you !…and Investor Protection and Education is merely Lip Service from the Government when it comes to Pricing  the PSU IPOs !…Aggressive Pricing leaves nothing on the table on Listing for the Investor..only the Risk !

So if you are a Long Term Investor and do like the Company ,but the IPO price is too Aggressive,then it’s safer to skip the issue and take a chance of acquiring the Shares at a lower than IPO Price in the Secondary Markets in the future

Think about It…Think Independently…don’t follow the Herd ! and don’t help in the Heavy Oversubscription of the IPO at an Aggressive Price…Remember Reliance Power in early 2008 !…The Lesson does not appear to have been learnt ! 


2 thoughts on “Adani Power Struggles on Listing today…saves face by closing at Issue price of Rs 100”

  1. Hello Gaurav,
    I have followed your recent posts on IPO pricing and what goes on. Remembering that some big names have been arriving at fabulous premiums in the recent past, is there a case for better regulation of some kind?

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