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An Ascetic Client…….In Search of Truth

He is RM….an Ascetic Client introduced to be by my Banker Friend some Years ago….Very Interesting Man

I see him  once in two or three years only when he vists Mumbai…He came in from South Africa in search of Divine Truth leaving behind all that he had…No, he is not Married

He settled in the Himalayas leading an Ascetic Life in a Small “Kutir” in the Jungles…..His Typical day begins before Sunrise with Meditation and then Collecting Firewood for the Day to cook his Meals and also to keep himself Warm…He owns just two pairs of Clothes and the nearby Stream is his source of Water…He is Miles away from any living Person.There is no electricity…For Illumination in more ways than one he lights a ‘Diya’  

His Guruji or ‘Baba’ is 107 years old and stays in another “kutir” some miles away

He visted me last month and confessed he yet has to Find Truth !…and that he had left the Himalayas

We end up in contemplative discussion that stretches to a few hours

A few gems from our recent conversation for your contemplation are put forth below

On Meditation

I inquire of him as to How does One Meditate…I find it difficult…but sometimes have such a lovely Sleep that it becomes sublime !

RM’s Thoughts…..When you are sleeping peacefully you are in an unconscious state…That is not a state of Meditation….Meditation is when you are conscious and can find silence inspite of distractions….When you can be detached from all around you…without any passion…. you are lost 

On Life

I argue that Life is a Journey one must Enjoy and not be obsessed by Seeking some Destination

RM’s Thoughts….If you do not believe in the Law of Karma,then this Life has no meaning…This Life is a continuation of your Past Life

On Seeking Truth

I ask him why is he Searching for Truth when what you seek is Within You

RM’s Thoughts...Truth cannot be found in exclusivity…If it is found it is not Truth !

In the Bhagvad Gita,Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that Millions will seek him but only a few here and there will actually find him !…so there is Truth out there to be sought and one should continue seeking and hope they are one in a million

On Why does an Ascetic need Financial Advice

I was curious that he needed Financial Advice when he had sacrificed Material Life

RM’s Thoughts…..I need Rs 1200 to Rs 1500 a month for subsistence…Food & Clothing and other Sustenance Essentials,Travel etc..I don’t want to Beg or depend on Charity of Strangers and Relatives and other like minded people around me

On his Need to Travel  

Has he not found Solitude in the Himalayas ? Why does he need to travel to Pondicherry and Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh in search of Truth ?

RM’s Thoughts….A Seeker is always Restless in one place…he will always need to travel…Pondicherry was nice…but I did not get any personal time to contemplate…The Ashram provides you free lodging and boarding but expect you to work and perform various duties assigned to you…being in charge of the Reception area for example….So I left Pondicherry….I left Jageswar,near Nainital in the Himalayas because it was getting very insecure there….Even the Sadhus were committing crimes from petty theft to even murder…My “Baba”told me to leave as he could no longer guarantee my safety there…He asked me to go to Pondicherry. 

Such Clients Balance Out My Life Beautifully….I am truly grateful for such experiences…even if they occur at intervals of a few Years  


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